Common Types of Allergens and Methods to Minimize Them

Allergens: Types and Prevention

Particles that have no effect on most people’s health may cause undesirable symptoms among the allergic. These go by the name allergens, and they are almost everywhere. Also, there are multiple types of allergens, each of which you can prevent from invading your home.

Dust and Dust Mites

Have you ever tried visiting an old building, and suddenly you either begin sneezing or experience eye irritation? Dust is most likely to blame since they are quite common among allergens. There are also dust mites, parasites unseen by the naked eye that eat dust, skin, and sweat, which may be risky for your health. Furthermore, these are quite difficult to get rid of since they have high reproduction rates.

Pet Shedding

You may want to think twice before you snuggle with your pet since it likely carries allergens. Pet hair and shedding often cause cold symptoms among pet owners, so you may wish to be more selective when adopting a pet.

Flower Pollen

Flowers use pollen as their means to reproduce, particularly during summer or fall. Instead of appreciating the seasons, allergic people trap themselves inside rather than enjoy the outdoors. Mostly, pollen infiltrates houses through ventilation openings, or in some cases, they are inside if someone uses flowers as decoration.

Preventing Allergens from Invading the House

Allergens are quite a nasty problem if you have a family member with an allergic condition. Thus, you need to take the initiative in employing various methods to improve indoor air quality. You can start with the following ways to fight against allergens and minimize them:

HVAC Filter Installation

Do not barricade yourself indoors since that keeps allergens inside instead of preventing them from invading your home. Instead, you may add filters to reduce the allergens entering into your HVAC. Although high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filters have the best performance out of all filter types, these will increase your utility bills. Thus, you should opt for a medium efficiency type, which will suffice for typical air particles.

Adopt Allergy-Safe Pets

It is quite obvious that you should only adopt a pet that will not trigger or at least rarely cause allergic reactions. Thus, you may opt for a pet that requires minimal contact, perhaps a goldfish or a reptile. Or, you may adopt pets that have little hair, like a Labradoodle.

Protection From Dust Mites

Your bed sheets most likely have dust mites attached even if you clean regularly, so use a hypoallergenic mattress. Also, a decent alternative is an anti-allergy cover, which is a sufficient method to protect yourselves. Since these act as a barrier to protect you from dust mites, you also reduce their nutrient supplies since they do not get to feed on you or your fluids.


Although allergens are typically non-harmful, these are the bane of allergic people. These come in various forms; a few of them are dust, dust mites, pet shedding, and flower pollen. Lastly, the great news is that you can keep your family secure by proactively employing various prevention methods.

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