Commercial Disinfectant Service Amid The COVID-19 Outbreak

Commercial Disinfectant Service

According to the latest research, bacteria and viruses are still responsible for some of today’s deadliest diseases, including the COVID-19 outbreak. Many of these microbes survive store-bought disinfectants.

The products on the market today only kill a percentage of deadly microbes. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a cleaning expert to thoroughly disinfect your space.

Commercial disinfectant services could be just what you need. Below are some tips on choosing the right disinfectant service.

Staff Uses EPA-Registered Disinfectant Products

Germs can weaken your immune system over time, leaving you, your employees and customers vulnerable.

The best disinfectant service uses products that fight multiple strains, including the virus that causes COVID-19.

Unlike some cleaning products, disinfectants should meet EPA standards or better. They should kill around 99% of bacteria and viruses as opposed to their counterparts.

Your service should clarify their methods for cleaning vs. disinfecting. Disinfecting can help prevent germs from spreading. Cleaning only can freshen up your space but may not tackle viruses like COVID-19.

Kill time ensures the effectiveness of commercial disinfectants. Be sure to let sprays sit according to their respective kill times.

Service Addresses Needs of Your Facility

The most effective disinfectant services go a step beyond routine cleaning. Education settings have different cleaning needs from hospitality or a large household.

You can ask for specific considerations for your type of facility. For example, a deep disinfecting may be needed in high-traffic areas. You can also ask how the service addresses bacteria, viruses, etc.

Include electronics, porous surfaces, and countertops. Fungi and mildew can grow in wet or humid spaces.

As for surfaces, the service should include disinfecting floors, walls, etc. They should focus on common areas and bathrooms, where germs accumulate quickly.

The service providers should use wipes or sprays with 70% alcohol or higher for touch screens. The service should also avoid any pooled liquids that could damage products.

Service Emphasizes Safe Practices

Commercial disinfectant services organize their cleaning efforts according to CDC guidelines. They limit toxic fumes and undesirable odors so you can be safe before, during, and after the cleaning process.

Prevent spread during the cleaning process. That way, employees and customers, or high-risk members can feel comfortable every step of the way.

Your cleaning staff should wear gloves and gowns throughout the cleaning process. They should let you know how long it will be before people can use the space, be that minutes or hours.

Gowns and face coverings should prevent any potential for spread. They should use special protocol when cleaning a space currently (or recently) occupied by someone ill, avoiding any contact with said person.

When disposing of unclean materials or cleaning accessories, the staff should ensure a lack of transfer. Staff should clean their hands immediately after removing gloves and show general caution.

Fewer Germs Means Less Fear

Don’t let the threat of illness invade your commercial space. Let the professionals worry about choosing the right disinfectant.

Contact us today for a complimentary quote on commercial disinfectant service. A clean space will leave you illness-free and worry-free!