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Oil Tank Sweep

Oil Tank Sweep

Oil Tank Sweep NJ


There may be an underground oil tank on your property that you are not aware of. Oil tanks that have been buried for several years are usually corroded. Any oil leaking from such tanks contaminate the soil around them and potentially harm your health. But first, you have to locate the tank. Often, the only way to locate an abandoned underground tank is with an oil tank sweep.


Signs that there may be a buried tank on your property


 Quite often, you can see the presence of an abandoned underground oil tank on your property by looking at telltale signs, such as oily-looking soil, pipes sticking out of the ground, and extra lines entering the basement from outside. If you notice any of these conditions, then there may be an underground oil tank. If your house was built before 1975 and has natural gas heating, then it may have a buried oil tank.


Risks associated with buried tanks


Underground tanks that have been abandoned for years are potentially dangerous. They are likely to be leaking oil and contaminating the soil around them. Empty tanks can collapse under the weight of the soil and create sinkholes, which can cause accidents and also endanger your house. While removing a buried tank can cost you some money, not removing it can be very costly indeed. For these reasons, most municipalities require the immediate removal of old buried tanks by the homeowner.


If you have recently bought a property (or are in the process of buying) and the previous owner says that they have removed an abandoned tank, then make sure to obtain the paperwork, including the removal certification from them. This paperwork should be noted in all real estate transactions.


Locating an abandoned underground oil tank


If you suspect that there may be an abandoned underground oil tank on your property, then you should hire a certified company to conduct an oil tank sweep starting with a visual inspection. In fact, you should have a tank sweep done immediately after buying a property or before selling your property even if you do not suspect the presence of one to assure there is not an underground storage tank.


Locating an abandoned underground tank involves examining your property for visible signs of buried oil tanks and then sweeping the ground with electronic metal detection equipment like a metal detector, ground penetrating radar, magnetometry or a radio frequency locator. Since underground tanks are usually made of steel, these instruments are highly effective in detecting their presence and determining their exact location.


Why should you hire us for oil tank sweep?


We specialize in oil tank installation, sweeping and removal and have many years of experience. But the real reasons you should hire us are:

  • Custom solutions: Every site is different and needs a custom solution. We specialize in creating site-specific solutions
  • Cutting-edge technology: We use the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment, which ensures accuracy and precision
  • Fewer days and lower costs: We strive to complete each project in the shortest time possible so as to minimize the costs to our customers
  • Environmentally-friendly: We are committed to protecting the environment and take pains to make sure that our solutions are environmentally-friendly
  • Regulatory requirements: We have the expertise and experience in addressing regulatory requirements and providing you with a complete written report.


Call us today for a professional oil tank sweep


If you need to detect and remove an abandoned oil tank on your commercial property or home in NJ, then get in touch with us. You can trust us to provide the highest-quality, environmentally friendly and economical installation and oil tank sweep service. Give us a call or send us an email. One of our knowledgeable, highly trained and friendly oil tank sweep NJ representatives will be happy to assist you.

The counties we serve are Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Morris, Bergen, Passaic, Union, Essex, Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, and Somerset.

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