Essex County NJ Oil Tank Removal, Install, Cleaning and Sweep

Essex County NJ Oil Tank Removal, Install, Cleaning and Sweep

According to the U.S. Energy Information Association, over 10% of homes in the United States rely on heating oil tanks to keep their homes warm. Of these, 85% are found in Mid-Atlantic areas like Essex County, NJ.

Residential heating oil tanks are a convenient option for many households, but they do require regular maintenance to stay in working order. Even so, doing a Google search for “how to clean sludge from an oil tank” and attempting to DIY the job may do more harm than good—these jobs are best left to the pros.

If you have a tank of your own, what oil tank services should you sign up for to keep it well-maintained? Keep reading to find out.

Oil Tank Cleaning

If your oil tank is above ground, keeping the outside clean and well-maintained is something you can take care of by yourself. Cleaning the inside, however, is a different story.

The question of how to clean oil tank sludge isn’t always the most important one. Often it’s the small things—like condensation and mineral deposits—that cause the most problems. Over time, these can lead to corrosion, leaks, and inefficient fuel usage.

Professionals know how to clean an oil tank to prevent these issues. Keeping the inside clean and dry will also keep sludge from building up and blocking crucial filters and valves throughout your heating system.

Oil Tank Removal and Installation

If your heating oil tank was installed before 1985, you may want to consider removing it and installing a new one even if it doesn’t show any obvious signs of damage. This is because tanks manufactured in this era were made of steel and didn’t have any form of corrosion protection. Leaving them in operation makes you vulnerable to costly oil spills as they rust from the inside out.

If you’re looking for professionals to remove an oil tank, make sure to choose one with decades of experience. It’s also best to go with a company that can install a new tank for you as well to minimize any interruption in heating service.

Oil Tank Sweep

Do you live on an old property that once ran on heating oil but has since switched over to another energy source? If so, do you have documentation proving that the old tank was removed? Without being certain, you run the risk of leaving an abandoned tank underground to pollute your lawn and the groundwater supply.

That’s where oil tank sweep services come in. Experts will use metal detectors, radar, radio frequencies, or magnetometry to locate a buried tank. Then, once it’s been located, you can start the removal process.

If you notice strange pipes sticking out of your lawn, oil deposits in your yard’s soil, or live in a pre-1975 home with natural gas heating, call a professional to make sure there isn’t an abandoned tank lurking on your property.

Looking for Oil Tank Services in Essex County, NJ?

Wherever your heating oil tank is in its lifespan, keeping up with the required maintenance is the best way to keep it working safely for years to come.

The licensed technicians at All American Environmental are your local experts for all things related to residential, commercial, and industrial heating oil. Whether you need an old tank removed, a new one installed, or a current one maintained, we can help. We’ve been helping property owners in Essex County, NJ, and all across the state with their oil tank needs for the past 20 years.

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