Cleaning and Sanitizing; Why COVID-19 Sanitization Is Vital for Your Commercial and Industrial Space

The Importance of Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Industrial or Commercial Space

Cleaning and sanitizing are always crucial in high-traffic areas like offices, factories, and warehouses. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, however, it’s become even more vital.

Many businesses have been forced to close down to prevent the spread of the virus. Essential businesses that have to keep operating, though, need to find ways to keep their workplace safe for employees.

One of the best ways to do this is to double down on your cleaning and sanitizing efforts. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service can help you do just that. Read on to learn why sanitization is essential to your operations and how cleaning teams keep your buildings virus-free

Why Cleaning and Sanitizing Are Vital During COVID-19

If your business is still open, you’ve likely taken measures to keep your employees safe. They’re working 6 feet apart, washing their hands, not eating together, and even wearing masks.

Unfortunately, that may not be enough. COVID-19 is a highly contagious illness. Its associated virus, SARS-CoV-2, can live on surfaces for quite a while.

What’s worse, evidence shows that infected people can pass the illness to others before they show symptoms themselves.

What does that mean for your business? All it takes is one infected person touching a common surface to spread the illness through your entire staff. If someone else then touches that surface and rubs their eyes or touches their mouth, they could become infected too.

The most effective measures against COVID-19 are physical distance, hand washing, and not touching your face. Even so, we’re human and tend to forget these things. As such, it’s vital to use sanitization as another barrier against disease spread.

What Is Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Like in the Age of Coronavirus?

Businesses that need cleaning services may be shocked when they see their professional cleaning team arrive. It may look more like they’re getting ready for a space mission than for a round of disinfecting. That’s because personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary to keep technicians safe while they work.

In the past, a cleaning technician would only wear a pair of latex gloves and maybe a face mask. They now have to wear a full-body Tyvek suit, face mask, face shield, rubber gloves, and rubber boots. They’ve also had to upgrade the potency of their cleaning solutions to make sanitization effective against the virus.

These efforts may seem excessive to some. In reality, they’re needed to keep both cleaning technicians and your employees safe and healthy.

Are You Looking for an Industrial or Commercial Cleaning Services Company?

With the health and lives of your staff and their families at stake, you can’t take any chances with cleaning and sanitizing your buildings. That’s why it’s more important now than ever to hire a professional commercial cleaning service to take care of the job.

If you need COVID-19-specific disinfecting services for your business, we can help.

At All American Environmental, our technicians wear full PPE to avoid passing the virus around. We use hospital-grade cleaning solutions and disinfectants that are safe for use on electronics. After we’re done, even your most frequently touched equipment will be safe for use.

Would you like more information about how we’re helping businesses combat the coronavirus? To answer your questions or get a free quote, feel free to contact us online or give us a call today.