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Monitoring Wells Installation

Monitoring Wells Installation

Monitoring Wells Installation


Monitoring wells are designed to monitor groundwater to evaluate the changes in the physical, chemical and biological properties of water. To be effective, groundwater monitoring wells installation should be done in such a way that the properties of the groundwater samples are not affected. The well should be designed so that groundwater sampling, measurement of groundwater elevation and hydraulic conductivity testing can be easily done.


Types of monitoring wells


There are three types of monitoring wells: individual monitoring wells, nested monitoring wells and clustered monitoring wells.

  • Individual monitoring wells have a single screen inside the borehole. They are the most common types of monitoring wells
  • Nested monitoring wells have two or more screens of different depths inside the same borehole. These wells are designed to obtain water from different water-bearing zones or aquifers
  • Clustered monitoring wells are a group of individual monitoring wells situated near one another, but not in the same borehole. These wells are designed to obtain water from different water-bearing zones or aquifers.


Number and location of monitoring wells


The first step in installing monitoring wells is to determine the number that may be needed and their potential locations.  These decisions are based on the hydrogeological assessment of the site.


Drilling the boreholes


Boreholes are constructed by drilling with the appropriate drilling devices, such as a hollow-stem auger, sonic drill or push probes. During drilling, a lithologic log is kept, which means geologic descriptions of the drilling returns, should be recorded continuously by a qualified individual. The log should include a description of the soil, grain size, moisture, color, consistency, hardness, odor and other relevant features. Representative samples of sediments encountered in the course of drilling should be collected every 5 feet’s depth. The drilling equipment must be cleaned before drilling the next borehole to prevent cross contamination.


Monitoring wells construction and installation


Once the boreholes are ready, screens are constructed using environmental quality threaded PVC pipe with a machine slotted screen of appropriate dimension. The length of the screen can vary from 5 feet (for groundwater) to 16 feet (for the water table). After inserting the casing strings into the boreholes, the space between the screened section and borehole is backfilled with filter sand, typically fraction silica sand. The annular space above the sand pack is then sealed to prevent surface water from entering the borehole. The monitoring well is then protected with a steel surface casing.


Why should you hire us for groundwater monitoring wells installation?


We specialize in the installation of monitoring wells and have many years of experience in the field. But the real reasons you should hire us are:

  • Custom solutions: Every site is different and needs a custom solution. We specialize in creating site-specific solutions
  • Cutting-edge technology: We use the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment, which ensures accuracy and precision
  • Fewer days and lower costs: We strive to complete each project in the shortest time possible so as to minimize the costs to our customers
  • Environmentally-friendly: We are committed to protecting the environment and take pains to make sure that our solutions are environmentally-friendly
  • Regulatory requirements: We have the expertise and experience in addressing regulatory requirements for monitoring wells installation.


Call us today for professional monitoring wells installation


If you need groundwater monitoring wells installation to be done on your property, get in touch with us. You can trust us to provide the highest-quality, environmentally friendly and economical service. Give us a call or send us an email. One of our knowledgeable and friendly monitoring wells installation NJ representatives will be happy to assist you.

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