In-ground & Above Ground Oil Tank Removal, NJ Law

Residential Oil Tank Removal

For many New Jersey homeowners, oil tank removal has become a severe problem. Tanks installed earlier than 1970 are steel, and eventually erode. Eventually, the tanks will leak, and, due to the dangers posed by leakage, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and the State government have created programs to remove tanks safely. NJDEP oil tank removal grant programs have been designed to help homeowners keep costs to a minimum.

Can I remove my own oil tank in NJ?

To remove an oil tank in New Jersey, you need to hire a professional tank removal company, and, per New Jersey law, that company must be licensed. The law applies to both above ground oil tank removal, as well as underground oil tank removal.

Before any oil tank is removed in New Jersey, here are three primary considerations to keep in mind:

1. Don’t accept any oil tank removal offers that claim to be “free.” These offers are fraudulent and against New Jersey state law. Any reputable contractor would visit your home first, and then provide a written quote concerning the tanks’ removal.

New Jersey State Law also requires that all oil tank removal projects must be overseen by a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP). Without an LSRP, your site remediation project could last indefinitely.

2. Don’t let any New Jersey company suggest that oil tank abandonment is a viable cheaper alternative compared to oil tank removal. Oil tank abandonment requires additional services, such as soil testing and sludge removal. Also, if homeowners abandon an oil tank, they become ineligible for any oil tank removal grant.

3. Make sure that you hire a contractor that owns their equipment, and employs their workers. Many companies subcontract oil tank removal jobs, which usually leads to additional costs and longer delays. Oil tank removal companies that own their equipment and perform the work themselves will remove your oil tank without incident.

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New Jersey laws do not require oil tank removal, but oil tank abandonment is not recommended. Even though tank abandonment is legal in New Jersey, tank removal should be completed whenever possible.

Because most underground oil tanks are harmful to the environment, tank abandonment should not be the preferred method to resolve your oil tank problem. Oil tank abandonment can cause property damage, costing more than the cost of removing the tank itself.

If tank abandonment has to be used, caution should be applied. Under no circumstances should oil or residue be left in the tank when it is abandoned underground. These precautions should be taken seriously, or property owners may encounter difficulty when attempting to resell their property.

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