Underground Oil Tank Cleaning Benefits

Underground oil tank cleaning has its benefits for sure!

Having an underground oil tank is great for your yard’s aesthetic, but it isn’t always great for the environment.

Leaks can have serious environmental impacts, especially if the groundwater isn’t very deep below your home. Cleanup of a leaking tank in New Jersey can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Sometimes, an underground oil tank removal costs less than dealing with the headaches that come with having one.

However, staying on top of oil tank maintenance can greatly reduce the risk of leaks. Let’s take a look at three benefits of having your underground oil tank professionally cleaned.

1. Prevent Corrosion

Steel is quite resistant to corrosion, which is why most tanks are built from this metal. However, it is not impervious.

This happens because oil tanks condensate a little bit. Over time this water builds up on the inside of the tank and starts pooling down at the bottom.

Do you remember playing with oil and water in science class as a kid? Oil and water don’t mix and the oil floats on top of the water.

In a tank, the weight of the oil traps the pooled water at the bottom.

As you also might remember from science class, water and metal don’t mix. If the water sits there long enough, the tank can begin to corrode, potentially causing leaks. An old tank is far more likely to leak than a newer one, but cleaning it once every 5 years or so helps keep corrosion at bay and helps keep it from leaking.

2. Prevent Leaks

A leaking tank is a big problem and a huge environmental concern. Because of its underground location, leaks can go undetected for quite some time.

When this happens, not only will the tank need to be removed or replaced, but also the area needs to be cleaned up. Specialized cleanup companies will dig and dig until they clean out all the contaminated soil. At the end of the process, you’ll receive a report stating that your yard has been cleaned to proper environmental standards.

Unfortunately, this costs a lot of money. The cost varies a lot as it depends on how long the oil was leaking. You could be looking at just a few thousand dollars or costs could soar above $100,000!

Not to mention your yard will get torn up during the process.

3. Prevent Damage to Your Furnace

Aside from damaging the tank itself, that sludge of rust and water at the bottom can damage your furnace. Small amounts can get sucked up into the tanks outlet pipe. This can cause clogs along the way in filters and valves.

If it makes it to your furnace, it could damage the unit itself. Replacing an oil furnace can cost up to $7,450 so this scenario isn’t ideal either.

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So how long has it been since the last time your underground oil tank in New Jersey was cleaned? The cost of cleaning and oil tank is a drop in the bucket compared to these expensive problems.

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