Oil Tank Soil Testing Services

Oil Tank Soil Testing Services: All American Environmental

Oil tank soil testing is the process of testing soil samples to determine if oil leaks from underground storage tanks have contaminated them. This type of testing is essential because oil leaks can cause significant environmental damage and be a health hazard. This is where All American Environmental comes in with the help. This company provides an all-inclusive oil tank soil testing service. 

Testing the Soil

The first step in oil tank soil testing is to collect samples from the area around the tank. These samples are then analyzed in a laboratory to determine if oil contamination is present. If oil contamination is found, further testing may be required to assess the extent of the contamination. Then the best course of action for remediation will be chosen.

Some contaminants checked include various petroleum products, including oil and gasoline. The testing is also done in the underground water to ensure recontamination won’t occur. If any contaminants are found in the water, the experts will remove the water with vacuum tracks. Afterward, they will dispose of it at an approved recycling plant. 

Identifying the Source of the Leak

The next step in oil tank soil testing is assessment and site investigation. In many cases, oil tanks are buried underground, making it difficult to visually inspect them for leaks or other damage. Experts in this field will perform an oil tank sweep to determine where the tank is buried. After knowing the location of the tank, they will excavate to assess its condition. If the tank has deteriorated, they may recommend removal.

Removing the tank involves creating access holes in the tank, and then the inside is cleaned to remove all toxic substances. Consequently, the experts will dispose of the tank at a suitable tank recycling facility. 

Oil Tank Soil Remediation

After the tank is removed, experts from American Environmental Oil Tank Soil Testing services will recommend cleaning the soil. Oil tank soil remediation is cleaning up oil contamination in soil.

There are a variety of oil tank soil remediation techniques that they can use. These techniques may include excavating the contaminated soil and replacing it with clean soil or using bioremediation to break down the oil molecules in the soil. In this procedure, a biological system, living or dead, is employed in the soil to remove pollutants. In other cases, treating oil tank soil may include using a chemical agent that breaks down oil molecules, making them safer for the environment.

The most appropriate method will depend on the extent of the contamination and the type of oil involved. Oil tank soil remediation is essential. This type of contamination can cause health problems for people, animals, and vegetation and damage the environment. 

Key Takeaway

All American Environmental Oil Tank Services provide comprehensive soil testing for oil contamination through a non-invasive way to assess the condition of an oil tank and identify any potential problems. If any leaks are found, what follows is a comprehensive oil tank soil remediation, which can be a complex and costly process. Still, it is often necessary to protect the environment and human health. All American Environmental will also remove the tank and dispose of it appropriately.

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