Home Inspection: Oil Tank Search NJ

Oil Tank Home Inspection and Search. What You Must Know

Purchasing a new home is a gloriously exciting time, especially once you find the house of your dreams. But what if there are unseen threats that come to light after you purchase your new home.

That’s why we always have our houses-to-be inspected for any hidden issues or damages that could lead to massive unforeseen expenses.

One of the most costly and dangerous issues a home can have is a leaking or faulty buried oil tank on the property. Decrepit oil tanks can cause tremendously expensive damage to the environment and is a significant health and safety hazard. Fortunately, with oil tank sweeps, we can find a buried tank before you move into your new home.

Below we provide you with a guide to the importance of an oil tank search during a home inspection in New Jersey.

The Importance of an Oil Tank Sweep

Performing an inspection before you buy a home is a must-do, and including an oil tank sweep in your inspection plans is of the utmost importance. If there is an oil tank found on the property, it is most likely unused and may be leaking harmful pollutants into the environment.

Many oil tank issues could cause it to leak. These issues include:


  • Shoddy or poor installation
  • Tank or fuel line corrosion
  • Faulty equipment
  • Overfill
  • Age of tank


Testing a tank is possible, but first, you have to find it. That’s where an oil tank sweep comes into play.

What is an Oil Tank Sweep?

Specialists use a metal detector, ground-penetrating radar and other equipment to scour the area that holds a suspected oil tank.

Many indicators could point to a leaking tank on the property. Oily soil or grass, pipes jutting out of the yard and unidentified utility lines running into the basement could be signs of a buried oil tank.

Most banks and lenders will not approve a mortgage before an oil tank search takes place. Faulty oil tanks pose far too much danger, and once the property is yours, you assume all of the liability for those risks.

Oil Tank Risks and Dangers

Leaking and aged oil tanks buried underground poses a variety of environmental, financial and health risks.

Leaking oil and other contaminants is the most common danger from buried oil tanks. A leaking tank floods the environment with harmful carcinogens and contaminates the soil and groundwater in the immediate area.

In most cases, standard homeowner’s insurance will not cover you if a malfunctioning oil tank is found on the property. You should always have a sweep done before buying or selling a piece of property and hire a professional, like All American Environmental, to perform an oil tank removal.

The cleanup costs and detrimental health effects from a leaking tank are considerable. They far outweigh the expense of performing a tank sweep and oil tank removal.

Oil Tank Inspection NJ

All American Environmental is the most accomplished oil tank removal, inspection and installation firm in New Jersey. They have the knowledge, skills and experience to find a hazardous tank and remove it before any harm is done.

If you are buying a home, or are concerned about a buried oil tank on your property, call All American Environmental today at 973-663-1680 or contact online.

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