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Do you need to know what Morris County NJ Environmental Contractors do? They perform a broad range of environmental consulting, contracting, and remediation tasks for properties.

  • Heating oil tanks are cleaned, installed, and removed.
  • Sites are assessed and remediated if found to be unsafe from contamination.
  • Hydraulic lift removal to keep the ground safe.
  • Well installation
  • Hazardous waste disposal.
  • COVID decontamination services.
  • and more

Morris County NJ Environmental Contractors Services Provided

Oil Tank Installation

Heating oil tanks, both above ground and inground, do not last forever. If not correctly maintained, their lifespan can dramatically decrease. Typically a tank that is properly cared for can last up to 20 years.

If your oil tank is reaching that age or you’re looking to have a new oil tank installed, All American Environmental can help you with that.

Our tanks are high-quality and double-walled. They are built with state-of-the-art technologies to prevent leaks and provide fire-resistant components.

Oil Tank Sweep

An oil tank sweep is the process of locating a buried oil tank. With a home built before 1975, there is a strong possibility that there can be an underground decommissioned oil tank.

There are risks such as if the oil tank was not properly abandoned, it could likely have leaked and contaminated the soil, whereas cleanups can be quite costly.

If you are concerned, there is a decommissioned oil tank on your property, or you are purchasing a new home, an oil tank sweep must be performed.

Beyond the sweep, make sure the company you choose to remove the tank properly backfills with gravel or sand, so the area does not collapse and become dangerous in the future. All American Environmental is that company!

Oil Tank Cleaning

Failure to maintain a heating oil tank properly and to monitor them can result in a failing tank. Keep an eye out for paint peeling on the tank’s underside, pinhole leaks, and condensation buildup on the outside after the tank has been filled with oil.

It is highly recommended to hire a reputable oil tank cleaning company to set up a maintenance plan to keep your oil tank working at its optimum level always.

Oil Tank Removal

When an oil tank is being removed, the contracting company must adhere to the strictest environmental codes and regulations set up in New Jersey and the towns where the tank resides.

Several key factors will need to be taken into account when removing a tank, such as a tank’s integrity, leaking, leaking in the past, and contamination of the soil around it.

If the soil is contaminated, you will want to hire a Morris County environmental contractor who can remove your tank and perform site remediation if needed. All American Environmental is a certified environmental contractor licensed by the NJDEP, who is ready to assist you with your oil tank removal services.

All American Environmental holds an NJDEP Install, Tank Testing, Closure, Subsurface Evaluation, and Corrosion Specialist License.

Site Investigation, Assessment, and Remediation

Several stages of site remediation need to be addressed, such as the initial preliminary assessment, report preparation, remediation, and post-remedial care. You want to hire a professional company that adheres to the NJDEP Technical requirements and provides site remediation services from the beginning phase through to the end and beyond.

Soil and Groundwater Testing

Soil and groundwater are thoroughly assessed for contamination and to the degree, it is contaminated. The testing involves collecting samples from both soil and groundwater. The testing will look for the presence of organic vapors, hydrocarbons, and heavy metals such as mercury and lead. All American Environmental addresses all NJ regulatory requirements.

Monitoring Wells Installation

Monitoring wells are installed to note the chemical, physical and biological properties of the water. All American Environmental provides site-specific installations using cutting-edge technology.

Hydraulic Lift Removal

When a gas station, maintenance, or repair shop becomes vacant, hydraulic lift removal is crucial. If these hydraulic cylinders are left in the ground, they can become potentially hazardous to the environment and human health. It’s a complicated process, but our professionals are experts in tackling the removal.

Phase I and II Evaluations

During Phase I a site is assessed thru a review of records, speaking with current property owners or occupants, and visual inspections of the current condition vs the original site plans.

In Phase II samples of the soil or groundwater are taken and the lab results are reviewed. Contamination will be identified.

Vacuum Truck Services

For contaminated soil, we have the trucks and technicians that will remove the contamination with our vacuum truck services. Our hazardous waste management team is the best in the industry. Our hazardous waste disposal is safe and EPA compliant. All American Morris County NJ Environmental Contractors is registered with the NJ Department of Transportation and are NJDEP Solid Waste Transporter.

COVID Disinfecting and Decontamination

During the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, All American Environmental is offering a special on disinfecting and decontaminating commercial and industrial buildings. Our Morris County NJ Environmental Contractors care about the health and well-being of all property and business owners, their staff, and visitors to their locations.

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