In-Ground Hydraulic Lift Removal

In-Ground Hydraulic Lifts

Rotary Lift introduced the in-ground automotive hydraulic lift over 75 years ago. Today because of the new federal Environmental Protection Agency regulations many stations are replacing their old in-ground lifts with new up-to-date hydraulic lifts.

The older lifts pose little risk because they contain small amounts of non-hazardous substances. However, stations must recognize fluid leakage. Lifts will operate smoothly when they are properly filled with hydraulic oil. The system will start to operate erratically when the oil is low.

After 1974 a low oil control device was added to all systems. These controls could also be purchased as an add-on to older existing equipment. It is easy to see if there is a leak when the loss of oil occurs and the rise height becomes less and less.

Once leakage is suspected it is important to call a professional for help. Your lift needs to be properly tested and either repaired or removed with proper disposal.

In-Ground Hydraulic Lift Removal

At All American Environmental, we are highly qualified professional specialists in in-ground hydraulic lift removal.

Once determined the lift needs to be removed, the lift must be removed along with complete testing done on surrounding soil for contaminants.

If soil contamination is found it is imperative that all concrete and contaminated soil be removed as well as the lift. All Environmental provides these services meeting all EPA guidelines and state and local requirements.

Removal of in-ground hydraulic lift and Contaminated Soil

Once the lift and soil are removed and the area left is found to be clean, proper documents will be provided by the EPA. It is important for the shop owner to keep all records to show the entire lift and contaminated soil have been disposed of in accordance with all regulations and the site area is now free of all contaminants.

Need Help Removing an Old Inground Car Lift?

Do you suspect a leak, need lift removal, transportation of hazardous waste, and complete restoration of the site area?  Contact All American Environmental One of our representatives will be happy to assist you right away!

In-Ground Hydraulic Lift Removal

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