13 Ways To Clean The Air In Your Home

13 Ways To Clean The Air In Your Home


Not many people consider air quality when thinking about their home environment. There are potential sources of air pollution in almost every room in your home. It is a very important aspect and a high contributing factor to our health. Indoor air quality can be five times more polluted than the outdoors. Many of us suffer from asthma and allergies which could be caused by the air we breathe. Poor air quality is a “hidden” concern that we should be made aware of.


There are so many factors that decrease air quality that you do not realize, from dust, dust mites, pet hair, pet dander, pollen and of course cigarette smoke. These things should be of concern especially during the winter months when windows are closed and the air is not flowing freely.


Below is a list of things you may not be aware of that can be polluting the air you breathe.


Cigarette Smoke

Amongst the most deadly is cigarette smoke, first hand and second hand. It is a known fact that cigarette smoke puts all people at a higher risk of health problems.


Air Conditioner Units

Cleaning regularly is important to reduce dust mites, mold and mildew. Dirty air conditioner units is the most common form of poor air quality in homes. It is important to ventilate and use de-humidifiers.


Car Idling In The Garage

Sound Silly? Absolutely Not! This remits very dangerous levels of pollution directly into your home. Stop Idling Your Car In The Garage!


Carbon Monoxide

This is an odorless gas which claims over 400 lives per year and sickens thousands. It is important to install a carbon monoxide detector which can be purchased for around $30. It is simple and easy to install. Check the readings. If they are above 10 parts per million contact your utility company immediately. Your gas stove or furnace may not be working properly.


Radon Gas

Known as the silent killer. It is odorless, invisible and found in many homes. It is important to get your home checked for this lethal silent killer. It is found in soil and rock and only can be found by testing. These testing kits can be purchased for around $35 and will let you know if gas is present. If found you may have to seal up cracks in your foundation.



Have you recently painted the rooms in your home? Beware! Even though the walls are fully dried gases can be omitted for months after. These gases are highly toxic. Try to open your windows as much as possible for months later. Also prior to 1978 homes were painted with lead paint. For those living in older homes beware of paint chipping or chalking.



We all love our adorable pets but do you realize their saliva, urine, feces that is brought in daily from the outdoors can cause many pet allergies. The pollutants that lurk outside can very easily be transported in from our loved pets.



Rain and humidity bring about mold. Cracks and leaks can help to aggravate the problem. Mold problems can cause coughing, wheezing, and asthma.



Do you live in an older home? It may be time to get your home checked for asbestos. These tiny fibers inhaled are known to cause lung cancer.


Toxic Products

Home cleaning, personal hygiene, outside yard pesticides and more can all contribute to poor indoor air quality. Our shoes and pets can bring in the outdoor particles as we add them ourselves with the use of our cleaning and personal products. Just make sure when using open the windows and keep the room well ventilated.


Wood Stoves

For those who keep warm and want to save money by using wood stoves to heat their homes, the smoke causes fine particle pollution. It is important to keep the home extremely well ventilated.


Carpeting vs Tile or Wood Flooring

Believe it or not, carpeting can harbor many pollutants such as pet dander, dust mites, fungi and more. Vacuuming is not always the end all because vacuuming can stir up the pollutants and make them airborne. A vacuum with a HEPA-filter traps smaller particles that other vacuums send back into the air. Tile or wood flooring would be the preferred choice to lessen air pollution.


Vent Fans

Make sure you vent fans in kitchens, bathroom, and laundry rooms are working properly. Proper ventilation can help to eliminate some airborne contaminants.


We hope you have gained valuable knowledge in reading our article “13 Ways To Clean The Air In Your Home” It’s a start to breathe fresh air, making you healthier in the long run.


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