How to remove mold from my house

How to Remove Mold from My House


“Mold” is something that any homeowner or renter should fear. It develops easily, spreads quickly, and can damage your home’s structure and your health. As an environmental consulting and contracting company, All American Environmental regularly hears the questions “how do you remediate mold and how do you kill mold and?” Our professionals offer some tips for an at-home mold remediation.


Step 1: Identify the Mold and the Damage


To adequately address any problem, you first need to know what it is. There are many types of mold, from superficial mildew to the more dangerous black mold. There are a few clues that can help you identify your mold problem, but to be truly sure, it’s always best to hire a professional. In case you’re wondering “who do I call for mold inspection?” Our team at All American Environmental can help you evaluate your problem.


Step 2: Take Precautions


While you’re cleaning mold, the spores can get loose, allowing them to spread throughout your home. You and your family can also breathe in the spores, which is harmful to your health. Once you know what to do if there is mold in your house or apartment, be as safe as possible. Wear an adequate respirator, keep your hands and arms covered, seal off the room, and place exhaust fans in any windows or doors that lead outside. While ensuring the room is well-ventilated, remember to close vents in the room because mold spores can travel throughout your home.


Step 3: Remove Large Infestations


If you have an area of drywall or carpet with a significant amount of mold, the most effective option may be to replace it. Be sure to dispose of these materials in a sealed plastic.


Step 4: Scrub Smaller Areas Clean


There are several commercial products available to remove mold, but it can be just as effective to use bleach and water. If the area is dry, spray it lightly with water before you begin, so the spores are less likely to become airborne. Use the solution until you can no longer see or smell the mold, and dispose of the sponges and brushes you used.


Step 5: Dry the Area


When you think you have cleaned all the mold, use fans and humidifiers to dry the area for at least three days. Then, check the area to ensure it’s thoroughly dry. If you see more spores, repeat the process until it’s been eradicated.


Step 6: Future Prevention


When your home is mold-free, be sure to avoid future problems. Find out what caused your infestation and take action to correct it. Verify that the room is well-ventilated and fix any water leaks you may find. Remember to seal any wood surfaces with an adequate shellac or primer.


At All American Environmental, NJ we hope our article has helped you to identify and eradicate mold.


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