How to Find an Underground Oil Tank

How to Find an Underground Oil Tank


Decades ago, it was a common practice to bury an oil tank underground on a residential or commercial property for energy usage. The problem, however, is that abandoned oil tanks can cause serious problems as their materials degrade, and not all property owners who sell their land notify the buyers about buried oil tanks.

If your home was built in 1975 or earlier, you should probably ask, “How do I know if there is an underground oil tank on my property?” Our experts at All American Environmental are here to answer your questions.


Signs of an Underground Oil Tank


There are several warning signs you may have a buried oil tank. First, you may notice your soil is oily because oil leaks out of the corroding tank. Second, you may have unidentified pipes sticking out of the ground. And third, you could have extra pipelines entering your basement from outside without knowing where they lead. Any of these could signal your home has an abandoned oil tank buried underground.

However, remember that even if these signs are not apparent, you may still have an underground storage oil storage tank. So, it’s always good practice to have your property inspected regardless.


What to Do if You Think You Have an Underground Storage Tank


The above signs can be clues, but the only way to know for sure is to hire a professional for an oil tank sweep. Our professionals at All American Environmental have years of expertise and use cutting-edge technology to perform accurate and effective oil tank sweeps. The process involves using specialized tools, such as metal detectors, radar, magnetometry, or radio frequency machines, to identify the tank’s exact location.


What to Do if You Have an Oil Tank Buried under Your House


If it is confirmed that you have an underground oil tank on your property, it’s very important to remove it. These tanks can cause several long-term problems. Any remaining oil can leak out and contaminate your soil and/or water supply, and if and when the tank is empty, it can collapse under the weight of your soil, opening a very damaging and dangerous sinkhole.

In fact, many municipalities require that property owners remove these tanks. In this case, our team at All American Environmental can use our extensive experience and cutting-edge equipment to remove your oil tank safely, cost-effectively, and environmentally friendly way.


Minimize your Risk of Damage and Safety Issues to your Home


Any property owner knows how upsetting it is to discover unexpected problems that can take money, time, and work to fix. However, dealing with an abandoned underground oil tank promptly is a crucial step to minimizing your risk of damage and safety issues in the future.


Be rest assured

Our professionals at All American Environmental will make the process as quick and painless as possible, giving you back your peace of mind. If you suspect you may have an underground oil tank on your property, contact All American Environmental to schedule an oil tank sweep today.

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