Contaminated Soil from Heating Oil: A Homeowner's Guide

Contaminated Soil from Heating Oil

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), contaminated soil from heating oil is one of the biggest contributors to ground pollution.

If oil seeps into your ground soil, you could be leaving your property open to serious problems. At All American Environmental, we specialize in ground contamination-related problems of all kinds.

Here’s how you can pinpoint and fix contaminated soil issues on your property.

How Does Contaminated Soil From Heating Oil Generally Occur?

Many people in the Lake Hopatcong area might have oil tanks underground on their property without knowing it all. This is the case because this form of home heating was phased out years ago, so several underground tanks go undetected.

When this heating oil seeps into your soil, it can create serious contamination issues that affect your drinking water and property in general. Since a lot of people in the area rely on private water, this isn’t an issue that you can look past.

Aside from oil contamination, your soil might have high levels of magnesium, sulfur, lead, arsenic, mercury and other issues. Proper testing should be done to find out where you stand.

How Do You Know if You Have Contaminated Soil?

All American Environmental provides oil tank sweeps that will let you know if you have potential issues. This lets you know if your property is one that has an underground oil tank.

When you call up All American Environmental, you can also get soil testing that lets you know the source of any contamination. A soil test might cost you approximately $10 per sample.

Once you get your soil tested by some pros you’ll get a better idea of how to proceed.

What’s the Next Step When You’re Having These Issues?

Next, All American Environmental will use cutting-edge tools and equipment to remove any tanks on your property. This move needs to be handled with care so that you don’t exacerbate the contamination problem.

It’s easy to puncture a tank and increase an oil leak if the tank is dealing with any kind of corrosion issues. Our professionals will help you get whatever permits that you need to make sure the work is done safely and correctly. From here you can get remediation that fixes contamination issues with your soil.

Why Should You Get Help From All American Environmental?

Professionalism and skill are the most important matters when you need to fix soil contamination issues. We offer a full range of environmental services that will keep your property and its ecosystem at its purest.

We staff nothing but certified contractors that are skillful and diligent.

Hire Us For the Best Service

If you’ve got contaminated soil from heating oil, All American Environmental has just what you need. We’re the most professional and well-equipped pros in the Warren County area and would be happy to show you why.

Here at All American Environmental, we can assist you with whatever contamination-related work you need. Reach out to us online or call us at (973)663-1680.

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