5 Facts About Specialized Oil Tank Removal in Warren County NJ

Warren County NJ Oil Tank Removal

Oil heating makes up a small percentage of households but is a popular option in many of the northeastern states. Warren County NJ is no different as residential and commercial property owners continue to search for oil tank removal in Warren County.

For older households that have been modernized, you might still have an underground oil tank on your property. These unused tanks can create environmental hazards and other problems.

If it becomes necessary to remove the tank, you should get help from a credible company that provides oil tank removal in Warren County. All American Environmental is one of the best around.

Follow these tips to learn more about tank removals and how All American can help.

1. Your Tanks Will Corrode if You Don’t Change Them in a Timely Manner

There are several reasons that you might need oil tank removal services, but corrosion issues are chief among them.

When these tanks start to corrode, they will eventually eat away at the metal and cause leaks. This contamination will pollute groundwater and make your property an environmental hazard.

Your drinking water might be at risk if you happen to rely on well water. Warren County is home to several households with private water systems, which makes tank removal all the more important.

Expect your oil tank to rust away faster if it was made with lower-quality steel. All American Environmental is New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) recognized, which makes them a trusted service provider.

2. Tank Removals Require Permits

Familiarize yourself with federal regulations regarding oil tank removals. Whenever you need a tank removed, you’ll need to get to know the environmental laws at play.

Federal level aside, you’ll also need to satisfy New Jersey and Warren County laws. This means applying for and receiving applicable permits before any work can be performed.

All American Environmental has skilled pros that can help you out with permits or any other paperwork that you need.

3. Get an Inspection and Price Quotes in Advance

When you work with All American, expect nothing but the most skilled pros and the best technology. This means that you’ll get access to cutting-edge technology that makes the project safer.

You can guarantee that every safety precaution is taken whenever you’re doing business with such a company. Before scheduling an appointment, a contractor will have to come out to provide an inspection.

They’ll inspect your property and confirm that you do indeed have an underground tank on your property. From there, you should ask for a price quote on an oil tank removal.

These tank removals might cost you between approximately $1,500 and $2,500 or so.

4. Financial Considerations

Most insurance companies do not provide underground oil tank coverage. However, with a few companies that may offer insurance, the coverage is generally much less than the need to fix an oil tank leak.

At times, one may be able to apply for state funding, but it’s not a guarantee. There is usually an approximate four-year wait on DEP applications for the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Remediation, Upgrade and Closure Fund (UST Fund)

5. Abandoned and Decomissional Oil Tanks

It is not uncommon for a property owner to not know a buried oil tank is on the property. This is why it is crucial when purchasing a home to get a thorough inspection by a reputable environmental company like All American Environmental. Do not rely on the previous owner’s inspection records, as not all environmental companies are equal. The initial inspectors could have missed the signs of an abandoned oil tank underground. As an owner, take note that generally, there are clear signs of an underground tank, such as the presence of visible filler pipes, vents and oil lines in the foundation wall.

Though abandoned underground oil tanks pose a severe environmental threat and financial liability, property owners are not obligated by law to have them removed before selling. Therefore, the buyer must have a thorough inspection before purchasing the home. If an oil tank is found, the proper Warren County NJ oil tank removal services must be performed.

Hire the Best Oil Tank Removal in Warren County

When you need the best oil tank removal in Warren County, our company would be happy to assist you.

All American Environmental matched skilled labor with environmental awareness while providing impeccable tank removal work. We also offer services like oil tank installation, soil testing, and water well monitoring.

We would be happy to show you why we’re the best professionals in Warren County.

For the best oil tank removal in Warren County New Jersey, fill out our online form or give us a call at 973-663-1680 to get in touch.

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