Bottled Water vs Tap Water: A Comprehensive Comparison

Bottled Water vs Tap Water: A Comprehensive Comparison


The benefits of drinking water frequently and consistently are well-known. Staying hydrated strengthens the health of nearly every organ in your body. However, there has been a long-standing debate about whether it’s best to drink water from the tap or from pre-packaged bottles. It seems, every year, a new study claims one or the other to be unsafe either for you or for the environment.

To help you understand the best option for your health and the health of the planet, the experts at All American Environmental are here to give you insight on bottled water versus tap water and their pros and cons.


Safety for Your Health


People who cite the benefits of bottled water often worry their tap water can be easily contaminated and that it is not regulated well enough to verify its safety. However, the opposite is true. In reality, the EPA regulates tap water and has stricter water-contamination testing requirements than bottled water, which is FDA regulated. In addition, tap water typically includes trace amounts of chlorine to keep bacteria from growing. Most bottled water does not have this. In fact, the longer the bottled water sits on a store shelf, the more time and opportunity the bacteria has to thrive.


There are also health concerns associated with the bottles themselves. While some companies have taken positive steps to remove the chemical BPA, many water bottles still contain it. BPA has been associated with heart disease and reproductive issues, and it can gradually break down into the water.


Bottled Water vs Tap Water Cost


There is a very clear cost difference between bottled water and tap water. Even though many brands of bottled water are taken from the same sources as tap water, bottled water can cost as much as 600 times more than tap water, according to studies by the EPA and the International Bottled Water Association. If convenience is your reason for buying bottled water, it is much more economical to purchase a glass or stainless-steel water bottle that you can refill.


Safety for the Environment


For many of our valued clients at All American Environmental, the largest benefit to choosing tap water over bottled water is to protect the planet from pollution. Even if you consistently recycle all your water bottles, fossil fuels are consumed in the process of transporting and cooling bottled water, and this contributes to greenhouse gases. In addition, many bottling companies draw from underground sources, which can be harmful to the natural water supply under the ground that the planet needs.



We hope you have gained valuable knowledge reading our blog “Bottled Water vs Tap Water: A Comprehensive Comparison”.


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