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Oil Tank Sweeps May Be Necessary

If you have an oil tank on your NJ property, it may sometimes be necessary to have an oil tank sweep. Oil tank services NJ from All American Environmental are conducted to detect whether there is an underground oil tank on your property. This process is necessary to avoid the contamination cleanup that can come from a leaking tank. Fixing this issue can be very expensive. All American Environmental has a team of qualified professionals who can perform the tank sweep. We will inform you of any necessary steps you should take to keep your yard safe.

What Exactly Is an Oil Tank Sweep?

An oil tank sweep informs you if there’s an underground tank in your yard you may not be aware of. In many cases, these tanks have been buried for years and are often corroded due to negligence. If there is oil leaking from the tank, the oil could negatively interact with the surrounding soil. This could be a health hazard for you and your family. The tank sweep locates the tank using special procedures that are designed for accuracy.

Is There an Oil Tank on Your Property?

 If you’re not sure whether you need an NJ oil tank sweep, there are a few signs to look for. If your soil has an oily consistency or you see pipes sticking out of the lawn, an underground oil tank might be present. An oil tank specialist will also check to see if there are extra lines in the basement coming from an outside source. If the home was built before 1975, it is likely an underground oil tank is present.

Underground Oil Tank Risks

There are some serious risks associated with underground tanks, which is why an oil tank sweep is important. There’s a good chance that the tank is leaking oil, especially if it’s been buried for years. If the tank is empty, it will collapse due to the weight of the soil. This will create sinkholes in the yard, which can compromise the foundation of your home. Sinkholes can also cause accidents if you and your family are not aware they exist. This is why a number of municipalities require these tanks be removed immediately.

If you’ve recently purchased your home or in the process of purchasing a new home, be sure to ask about underground oil tanks. If the previous owner says a tank has been removed, you should get all paperwork to verify the removal. This paperwork has to be noted in all of your transactions pertaining to your real estate.

How to Locate an Underground Oil Tank

If you think there’s a tank buried on your property, hire a qualified company to do a sweep. The process will start with a thorough inspection. The ground is then swept with a metal detector and radar that penetrates the ground. Radio frequency locators and magnetometry are also used to detect an oil tank, since the tanks are often made of steel. It’s best to do this right after buying a home or before you sell your home. Do this even if you don’t think there’s an oil tank on the premises.

Contact All American Environmental for all your oil tank sweeps servicing needs. We are an oil tank sweep contractor servicing New Jersey. We are happy to answer any questions you have. We also conduct a thorough investigation of your property and oil tank. This allows us to provide customized services that will keep your property safe and maintain the function of your oil tank.