Hudson County, NJ Oil Tank Removal, Installation and Sweeps

Hudson County NJ Oil Tank Removal

If you own an old oil tank, you have a ticking time bomb on your hands. An unused oil tank, be it in a basement or underground, is subject to the elements. It begins to corrode and rust, and eventually, it leaks, causing an environmental disaster.

In Hudson County, NJ, oil tank removal takes an expert. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about oil tank removal in New Jersey.

Why Remove Your Oil Tank?

Old oil tanks are environmental hazards. Underground tanks can leak toxic substances and contaminate local drinking water. Above-ground tanks take up valuable real estate, whether they’re in your basement or your backyard.

You might be thinking, “That’s someone else’s tank. Mine tank doesn’t leak.”

Perhaps you have one of the tanks that aren’t leaking. But a single natural disaster like an earthquake, tornado, fire, or hurricane can disrupt the environment surrounding your tank enough to cause damage and a subsequent leak. If you remove the tank, you remove the threat of being responsible for an environmental disaster.

Cost of Removing an Oil Tank in Hudson County NJ

Tank removal costs vary from approximately $500 to over a thousand dollars and can reach up to $2,500 plus, depending on the location and size of the tank.

With such an extensive cost you may be wondering, why not just do it yourself?

Use an Expert

Handling oil tanks can lead to an environmental disaster. If you make a mistake and puncture the tank, you can cause an ecological disaster.

Thus you need a licensed professional to do the job. They will understand how to safely and legally dispose of all the liquids in the tank.

Also, moving a tank without proper equipment is dangerous. Big tanks require big equipment and the expertise to run that equipment.

Experts might cost you more, but they’re worth it. Your money is paying for their labor and equipment plus disposal of liquid, sludge, or oily water. You will also need a municipal permit, and the removal company’s fees will often include the cost of a permit.

You should also figure in the cost of laboratory analysis for surrounding soil if your tank has leaked or leaks in the process of moving it.

It’s the Law

There are legal ramifications to consider if you attempt to remove your oil tank on your own. When considering above ground oil tank removal, NJ law requires the removal company to have a license for their work. Thus when you’re looking for oil tank removal companies, NJ has some that can help.

Location Matters

There’s a big difference between removing an above ground oil tank and removing a tank that is buried under a concrete driveway or located in a basement. Experts understand how to remove old fuel oil tank from basement facilities.

Hudson County, NJ Oil Tank Removal

In Hudson County, NJ, oil tank removal is possible thanks to qualified oil tank removal companies such as ours. We have the highest quality, inexpensive, and environmentally-friendly removal services. Plus, we do more than just remove oil tanks.

Our business specializes in Hudson County NJ oil tank removal, installation, sweeps, and cleaning. Plus, we offer plenty of other services.

Oil Tank Installation, Sweeps and Cleaning

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For all of your environmentally friendly oil tank removal, installation, sweep and cleaning services, contact us. We are fully licensed and insured and would love to help you with your project.

Hudson County, NJ Oil Tank Removal, Installation, Sweeps