Well Monitoring System

How Does a Well Monitoring System Work, and Is It Worth It?

Here we discuss a well monitoring system, what it is, how it works and more.

Owning a well on your property can be beneficial because it helps maintain your water. It is an economical way to have fresh water all year round, making your home more environmentally friendly. Owning a well can have its benefits, but owning a well monitoring system can make the well an exceptional home tool.


What is a Monitoring Well?

This brings us to the question of “what is a monitoring well?” A monitoring well will observe the water levels in your well with a monitoring system. A monitoring system involves using special technology to monitor the water levels inside of the well continuously. This is done in order to ensure that the water levels in the well are enough for everything that your home may require, such as bathing, cooking, watering the garden, cleaning, and drinking. It is also done with the hopes of preventing expensive pump repairs.


Pump repairs mainly result from the well running low on water. When the well is running low, the pump does not have enough strength to work to its full potential, which causes several different problems, such as low water supply, nearby flooding, and poor water pressure.


Understanding “How much water you are using?”, “How is your daily usage affecting the water levels?”, and “How often is your well running low on water” will allow you to get a better understanding of your well usage in general. It will also help you make any adjustments that may be necessary.


Groundwater Monitoring Well Systems

There are many different groundwater monitoring well systems on the market. Two of the most popular systems are a non-permanent water level gauge and a portable unit. These two systems are the most well-known, well-reading systems because they are accurate and get the job done effectively.


The non-permanent water level gauge sits on the side of the well and can regularly read the level of water it is on. When it comes to this unit, there are a few different options, including model type, types of water levels that are read, and how quickly it can indicate when your well is in need of a refill. The better the read, the more expensive the well monitoring system will be.


The portable unit works the same way. However, you can get a read whenever you need one. It also gives you the option of monitoring more than one well at a time, which is always beneficial if you have multiple different wells on your property.


After knowing your options, you may be wondering, “Is a well monitor worth it?” The answer in our opinion is yes! A well monitor can help keep a well at its very best while also helping owners save money on repairs along the way.


Having a water monitor is a great way to ensure the health of your well. While having the capacity to detect low water levels, over usage of water in the well, daily water use, and any defects that may have been overseen by the naked eye. It is important to get the best well monitor for your personal use.


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