A Guide to NJ Environmental Organizations

A Guide to NJ Environmental Organizations

If you live in the state of New Jersey and want to make sure your residential and commercial properties are environmentally safe it is extremely important to contact the right company. All American Environmental is a New Jersey based full service environmental consulting and contracting company. They provide environmental walk-thru’s, evaluations, groundwater & soil sampling, analysis and remediation, asbestos remediation, and oil tank installation, service, and replacements. They provide professional service for both residential and commercial and are fully licensed and insured in the State of New Jersey All work is performed under local, state and federal regulations.

There are also several top environmental organizations, groups, and courses you can turn to for informational help in your immediate area.


Here is a guide to NJ environmental organizations, groups and courses available.


Environmental organizations near me

If you live near Rutgers University, it may be helpful to learn more about the Rutger’s Air Pollution Training Program. The program is part of the university’s Department of Environmental Science and there are three types of courses offered: those sponsored by the NJDEP; those sponsored by the USEPA; and those that will help students evaluate visible emissions. The courses can last up to five days and are free of charge for anyone who works for a state, federal and local air- pollution agency.

For those in the Bernardsville area, the Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education can provide helpful information for keeping the air and environment clean. Several teachers in New Jersey’s various school districts, as well as administrators and professors at the state’s colleges and universities, belong to the alliance as do several zoos, museums, nature centers and professionals who work in corporate and government settings in New Jersey. The organization’s goal is to assist New Jersey residents in creating new venues in which it is easier for them to learn more about the local environment and care for it properly.


Looking for environmental nonprofit organizations?

The AmeriCorps NJ Watershed Ambassadors is a nonprofit organization you may want to learn more about if you are concerned about the water safety in the state. The organization helps people understand how human activity affects the water quality and supply in New Jersey. AmeriCorps also provides biological and physical assessments of water and encourages community involvement when it comes to keeping the water clean and safe. AmeriCorps also focuses on public safety, environmental health, and education. You can also contact the organization to learn more about the state’s natural resources.


Environmental conservation organizations

You can also contact the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection when you want to get more details on how you can do simple things to conserve the state’s natural resources. You’ll learn more about the rules for fishing and hunting in New Jersey, and you’ll get helpful hints for reducing waste in your home and/or place of business. The website also offers minutes and details from council meetings where environmental issues specific to the state are discussed. In addition to learning how to reduce hazards, such as oil spills, in your area, you’ll get the tips you need for volunteering with the organization.


We hope you have found A Guide to NJ Environmental Organizations helpful. These organizations and environmental groups can help when you want to get specific information on how you can make New Jersey a safer and cleaner place to live.


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