what is water pollution

What Is Water Pollution?

The surface of the Earth is made up of more than two-thirds water. That is why it is so important to protect the water supply. When waste is transferred to the water, it can affect the water that humans consume and can harm the animals that live there. Because there are more than 7 billion people living on the Earth, water pollution is becoming more prevalent. If you have an oil tank on your property, you should understand how to prevent it from leaking oil or toxins into the local water supply and adding to the world’s water pollution problem.

What are the causes of Water Pollution

Floating plastic bags or trash in the water can cause pollution. That is why it is important to dispose of your trash properly when you are at the beach. Sewage waste that is caused by homes and businesses can also get into the water and make it toxic. Residue from paper and plastic can also upset marine environments and make drinking water more dangerous to consume. Mining activities can also cause water pollution since mining is the process of extracting minerals and coal from underneath the surface.

Fossil fuels can also cause water pollution. When the fuels are burned, they release ash into the atmosphere. When this is mixed with condensation or moisture in the air, it becomes acid rain. When acid rain falls on soil, it affects the way that plants grow, which can lower the quality of the plant-based foods we consume.

Oil leakage can also lead to water pollution, and this is one of the reasons that keeping your oil tank in the best possible condition is important. If there is a leak or crack in the tank, the oil can seep onto the lawn and contaminate the soil. This will affect your property as well as the properties around you.

Measures to take to control of Water Pollution

There are several measures taken to control water pollution and to guarantee you are doing your part to better the environment. You can control water pollution by eliminating pesticides or harmful chemicals from your lawn treatment routine and by disposing of your trash in the proper containers. Recycling as often as possible can also reduce water pollution in your area.

Reach out to the experts for help

Of course, having your fuel oil tank checked regularly can ensure that it is not causing pollution or emitting harmful chemicals into your community. Count on the experts at All American Environmental to inspect your tank thoroughly and give you the tips and tools that you need to keep your tank in the best condition possible. Oil tank removal services are also available if your current tank is leaking residue that could harm your lawn and possibly get into your water supply.

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