Vapor Intrusion - a Growing Concern for Property Owners 

Vapor Intrusion – a Growing Concern for Property Owners 

You are probably already aware of the danger radon gas can pose to your home and your business, but you may not have heard of a problem that can be even more devastating. Vapor intrusion is a growing concern for home and business owners, and if you have never had your home or workplace tested, you should start learning as much about this issue as possible.

The term vapor intrusion is used to describe the process by which contamination in the soil or groundwater surrounding your building makes its way into the interior of the building. Contaminants seep into the ground in several ways, such as leaking underground storage tanks, contaminated wells, and preexisting problems. Contaminants in the groundwater can also evaporate and get into the building through air pockets in the soil. But no matter the contamination source, mitigating that vapor intrusion is essential.

To understand why vapor intrusion is a problem, consider some of the many health risks posed by those vapors. Of course, the health effects of this contamination vary widely. The effects depend on the nature of the compounds in the soil, the concentration of the contaminant and the length of exposure. But no matter how limited the potential danger, having a persistent problem can put your business at significant risk.

How To Address a Vapor Intrusion Concern

If you have not yet had your home or workplace tested for contaminated soil and groundwater, now is time to address that situation. You can start by seeking an experienced and competent environmental consultant and contractor who can provide the necessary testing for vapor intrusion problems. Then, look at the company’s licenses and certifications carefully. If a problem is found, you want a contractor who will be able to clearly explain the issue and work with you to develop a mitigation strategy to protect your business going forward.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that business owners with vapor intrusion problems use a technique known as sub-slab depressurization. This unique technique attacks the problem of soil and water contamination at its source by preventing it from leaking into your building and causing health problems for yourself and your workers.

When you install a sub-slab-depressurization system, known in the business as an SSDS, you stabilize the pressure inside and outside your building. This system is similar to the pressurization changes common in radon mitigation. However, it can be just as effective at fighting back against other dangerous gases and volatile organic compounds that could threaten your home, family, business, or livelihood.

Get Assistance

To get help with your vapor intrusion concerns contact All American Environmental. We provide soil and groundwater testing, investigation and assessments. We are in compliance with all Environmental Protection Agency regulations. We are fully licensed, and insured and have all the required certifications.