Vacuum Truck Services for Environmental Cleanup in NJ

Environmental Cleanup in NJ Using Vacuum Truck Services

Are you a residential, commercial or industrial property owner? If yes, then, there may come a time when you will need a vacuum truck for environmental cleanup in NJ.

If you’re unsure what a vacuum truck is, or why you might need one, here is some information for you. A vacuum truck could be a home or business owner’s best friend, especially when it comes to environmental cleanup in NJ.

What Are Vacuum Trucks?

Environmental cleanup companies use vacuum trucks to clean up waste. It is a tanker truck and contains both a pump and a tank. The pump removes all sorts of environmental waste from spills or other issues. These trucks can suck up liquid waste, sludge, slurry, or other types of waste. Usually, the waste comes from under the ground. Then, the truck will transport the waste to the proper disposal facility. This could be a treatment plant for human waste or maybe one for animal waste.

What Are Vacuum Trucks Used For?

There are many reasons why a company will want to use a vacuum truck. First, the truck can collect contamination from an environmental spill. When soil or groundwater becomes contaminated, vacuum trucks can pump the contamination out of the area. For example, a vacuum truck can remove soil contaminated with petroleum products from an underground oil tank.

Vacuum truck services in New Jersey can also clean up organic spills, such as those from farms or septic tanks. Many septic tank owners do not clean out their septic systems until there’s a problem. Vacuum trucks can remove solid and liquid waste so that septic systems and farm systems can return to normal operations. Vacuum truck waste disposal is a common reason for businesses and homeowners to need services.

There are specialized vacuum trucks that can clean up chemical spills as well. Personnel who are experienced in cleaning up environmental spills are usually operating these trucks. Companies that perform environmental cleanup need specialized training to be certified by the state of New Jersey. That’s because there are specific guidelines that environmental cleanup companies have to follow for the cleanup to be safe.

What Kinds of Vacuum Trucks Are Available?

Vacuum trucks can either be wet or dry. There are many kinds of vacuum trucks available. The most frequently used truck is a standard vacuum truck or a liquid ring vacuum truck. These trucks serve two purposes. First, they can vacuum up spills from tanks and tanker trucks after an accident. They can also remove chemicals from a leaking underground tank. Some companies use these vacuum trucks to clean up flammable or explosive materials, such as petroleum products.

There are also industrial loaders and air movers. These types of vacuum trucks remove materials that companies will use later. They save these materials. Loaders can also move materials from one tank and put them into another tank if nothing is leaking from it. Stainless steel vacuum trucks pick up and transport corrosive material.

Regular trucks cannot transport these materials because they will eventually start to rust. There are also combination vacuum trucks. These are popular trucks for several reasons. First, these trucks contain both a water pumping system and a vacuum system. This allows the trucks to pick up both liquid spills and the surrounding soil at the same time. The truck can also pick up a spill around a hydraulic lift or a hydraulic pumping system.

Safe & Effective Environmental Cleanup in NJ?

Do you need a vacuum truck for a spill or environmental cleanup in NJ? Do you need to get a nasty pollutant spill cleaned up? We have vacuum trucks to fit every need. Contact All American Environmental in New Jersey.