Top 10 Critical Causes of Environmental Issues in 2017

Top 10 Critical Causes of Environmental Issues in 2017


Our planet’s environment is at risk. This is a prominent topic in the news today. Damage to our planet does not discriminate. To start addressing these problems and to create a healthier planet for ourselves and the future, we need to analyze the causes of our current environmental issues. We at All American Environmental are dedicated to protecting the planet. Here are some potential culprits.


  1. Overpopulation


Overpopulation may be the most aggressive item on the list. Our current population is exploding, largely in underdeveloped areas. Supporting more people means more demand for fresh water, more use of natural resources, addressing local environmental issues, more damaging food production and energy production practices, etc.


  1. Natural Resource Extraction


It’s amazing to think how many of our natural resources replenish themselves. However, this process takes time. Many natural resources are being used quicker than they can rebuild. In addition, extracting the natural resources can often cause environmental problems as well.


  1. Deforestation


Our environment needs to maintain a very delicate balance for many species of animals, insects, and plants to survive. Deforestation delivers a powerful blow to this balance, and countless species have already become extinct. Because trees ingest CO2 and release oxygen, fewer trees also limit our planet’s ability to filter excessive amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.


  1. CO2 Emissions


Carbon dioxide is a natural part of our environment. However, it’s being released in excessive amounts because of fossil fuel use, certain agricultural practices, etc. This excess CO2 is among the leading greenhouse gases contributing to climate change.


  1. Waste Disposal


Our population produces massive amounts of waste. Inefficient disposal can contaminate our soil, water, and even our air by releasing damaging gases.


  1. Transportation


The transportation industry has fortunately received a lot of pressure and attention regarding its energy use. While renewable energy options are growing, the remaining fossil fuel use is still causing issues by depleting natural resources, releasing carbon monoxide, etc.


  1. Food Production


As the population has grown, so has the need for food. To produce enough food with minimal time, expense, and effort, many segments of the industry have turned to practices that damage the environment.


  1. Urban Sprawl


Urban sprawl is the process in which people move out of centralized, compact cities into more rural areas. By spreading out, we do extensive damage to the environment and disturb natural habitats.

  1. Industrial Air Pollution


Many manufacturing practices lead to the output of unhealthy chemicals and greenhouse gases. This can contribute to climate change, affect animals and plant life, and cause several health issues for people.


  1. Energy Production


Using certain fossil fuels can be problematic not only because it depletes our natural resources, but because extracting the fuel and harnessing its energy can also emit dangerous gases.


We share this planet, and rely on the environment it provides for us. For this reason, everyone should be concerned about saving it. At All American Environmental, these issues are close to our hearts, and we’re honored to be part of the effort to preserve our planet.

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