Reduce Heating Bills

Simple Ways to Reduce Heating Bills This Winter

Your heating bills could be the biggest energy-related expense in your home. It’s estimated that approximately 40-50% of energy bills for a home in cooler parts of the country are accumulated through heating expenses.

However, it’s possible to cut down the amount you pay for your heating costs even while your home remains at a comfortable temperature. Here are some simple things you can do to help reduce the cost of heating bills. ?


Thermostat Control

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) estimates that American households could save an estimated 14% off their heating bill by turning down the thermostat. Far too many homes run their heating at higher temperatures than is really required.

Yet if you were to turn down the thermostat by 10 degrees when you go to bed or when you leave the house to go to work, you’re saving money. Even when you’re at home, think about turning down the regular temperature you have your heating set at.

For each degree you reduce your thermostat, you could potentially save around 2% off your heating bill. As an example, by turning down your thermostat from 70F to 65F you could potentially save around 10% off your normal heating costs.


Regular Maintenance

Unmaintained heaters tend to use far more energy to generate heat, driving the cost of your bills higher than they need to be. Regular maintenance can help to keep your heating system operating more efficiently.

If your heating system uses filters, keep them clean and well-maintained. If you have an old furnace or boiler heating your home, consider whether it’s worth upgrading to a more energy-efficient heating alternative.

If you have an oil tank it is imperative that you find the right reputable company so as to get the system working properly in order to maximize savings.  All American Environmental is a leader in the NJ heating oil tank business who provides high-quality oil tank cleaning and service. When you use the best company you will see a reduction when you are striving to reduce heating bills.


Improve Insulation

Your home’s windows can be a huge source of heat loss. There’s no point paying hefty heating bills through winter if the heat you generate is escaping through small gaps around windows. Even the small gaps beneath your doors can be a source of heat loss.

Spend a few dollars to install weather strips to doors to help block those leaks. If your existing weatherstrips are worn, replace them. Block any drafty leaks around window frames or on chimney flashing. If you don’t use your fireplace, think about closing the chimney flue and block the small gaps around the flue with an inflatable chimney balloon.

Check out what’s happening behind the cover plates for your electrical boxes in any external walls. The areas behind electrical boxes often don’t have insulation placed around them correctly, making them ideal locations for warm air to escape and cold air to get into the house. You can buy inexpensive foam gaskets to fit around outlets that you can’t see once the cover plate is put back, but they’ll have a positive effect on reducing drafts.

Look for ways to eliminate leaks so heat can’t escape, but also to reduce the amount of cold air that can get in. Fixing the smallest gaps can help to reduce heating bills overall.


Furnishings and Curtains

Even your choice of curtains and blinds can play a part in helping to reduce your heating bills. Thicker curtains can act as a great layer of insulation and can stop the amount of heat that escapes through windows at night.

Likewise, if you have furniture placed in front of vents or duct openings you could be reducing your heater’s effectiveness. Be sure that heat is able to flow freely into each room without obstruction.

There are plenty of simple things you can do to help reduce your heating bills this winter. Take a closer look around your home and see what measures you can take to improve heating efficiency. You’ll be surprised at how much you could save.


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