Simple Fixes To Stop Wasting Energy and Money

Simple Fixes To Stop Wasting Energy and Money

Americans lose more than three billion dollars a year in wasted electricity. Old, worn out heating systems increase the waste by additional billions. If you are trying to stick to a budget then you need to find the energy wasters that are burning up your money. With just a few simple changes, you could save hundreds of dollars each year.

“Standby” Is Not “Off”!

Sending any electrical device into standby leaves it constantly using electricity, even while the device seems to be turned off. By putting your computer into standby instead of turning it off, you can be wasting more than 300 kilowatt-hours every year. Setting your DVR to standby to record something keeps it using power so it can tell time. Look around you. Chances are you leave a lot of devices on standby.

These energy wasters could be costing you $400 each year in wasted electricity. Shut off all each device when you are not using it. Unplug your phone, laptop, and camera, chargers when you aren’t charging anything. Even with no device plugged into them they are still using electricity. Unplug your adapters too, for the same reason.

Reset Your Water Heater

You should check what temperature your water heater is set to. Odds are that it is set higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is actually higher than it needs to be. Reset it to 120 degrees. You will still have warm water, and it can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Keep Your Thermostat Turned Down

Check your thermostat setting. Keep it turned down as low as you can. Instead of turning it up when it gets a little chilly, wear a sweater instead. Every degree you turn it down lowers your heating bill by around 3 percent.

Seal Your Attic and Windows

It isn’t only electrical equipment that wastes energy. Windows can also be big wasters of energy and money. Seal them over with plastic sheeting every the winter to keep warm air from getting outside through the gap around the window frame. You should also consider sealing off your attic entrance with plastic in the winter if you don’t have to go up there very often. Warm air rises. Cutting the attic off from the rest of the house will keep the warm air in the parts that you live in.

Fix Your Furnace

Your furnace could be the worst energy waster in your house. A dirty, clogged air filter could be making it run inefficiently. Check it, clean it, and replace it if it is too dirty to clean. Run your hands lightly over the furnace ducts while it is running, feeling for warm air leaks. If you find a leak, put some aluminum tape over it, it is designed to be used on hot surfaces. Don’t use duct tape. Despite the name, it doesn’t work well on warm ducts.


By changing just a few habits and doing a little bit of maintenance, you can slash your heat and electric bills, and reduce your environmental footprint while you’re at it.  These habits will stop you from wasting energy while the money you save can then be used for more enjoyable things.


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