Sellers Guide To Underground Heating Oil Tanks in NJ

Sellers Guide For Properties With an Underground Heating Oil Tank in NJ

Commercial property and home sellers in New Jersey must know the challenges of dealing with an underground heating oil tank, as these tanks may introduce complications into the selling process. Tanks can leak over time and contaminate the surrounding soil and groundwater. When selling a home or commercial property in New Jersey, the tank must be properly closed, removed, or remediated under NJ Department of Environmental Protection regulations.

Hiring a qualified environmental contractor like All American Environmental is recommended to handle the tank closure, removal, and any necessary remediation. The licensed and insured environmental team can adequately clean and remove the tank, test for leaks or contamination, and coordinate any needed cleanups.

In this process, the decommissioning, removal and remediation are vital for legal compliance and environmental safety when selling a property. In addition, adequate tank closure documentation must be provided to aid the sale.

Due to environmental concerns and regulations, commercial property and home sellers must know that an underground heating oil tank can present challenges. Following proper procedures is crucial to ensure a smooth and legal transaction. Here are some general steps you must consider.

Sellers Underground Heating Oil Tank Checklist

Tank Inspection

Hire a professional oil tank removal company to inspect the underground heating oil tank. The oil tank’s condition must be assessed, and any leaks and potential issues must be addressed. 

Removal or Decommissioning

Depending on the inspection results, you may need to remove or properly decommission the tank. This process should be done according to local regulations and may involve soil testing to ensure no contamination.

Obtain Necessary Permits

Check with local authorities to determine if specific permits are required for tank removal or decommissioning. Adhering to regulations is essential to prevent potential legal complications in the future.


Keep records of the tank inspection, removal, and any associated permits. Potential buyers may request this information during the home-buying process.

Soil Testing

In the event of a tank leak, it may be necessary to conduct soil testing to assess the extent of contamination. Remediation might be essential, and the outcomes should be documented for the information of potential buyers.

Disclose Information

Be transparent about the presence of an underground heating oil tank when listing your property. Full disclosure is essential, and potential buyers must be informed about any past issues and the steps taken to address them.

Work with Licensed and Insured Professionals

Hiring professionals experienced in underground tank services or environmental remediation is highly recommended to ensure the process is handled correctly.

Commercial and Home Sellers: Choosing The Right Oil Tank Service Company in New Jersey

Opting for All American Environmental in New Jersey for your heating oil tank services is a prudent choice for various reasons. Know for reliability and professionalism; All American Environmental boasts extensive experience in underground tank services. The expert team is highly knowledgeable about New Jersey tank inspection regulations, removals, and decommissioning.

By selecting All American Environmental, you can trust that your business or home heating oil tank-related needs will be handled precisely and following local guidelines. The commitment to transparency and thorough documentation ensures you can confidently navigate selling or managing your property.

Whether you require tank inspections, soil testing, or remediation services, All American Environmental is a reputable choice in New Jersey for comprehensive and trustworthy heating oil tank solutions. Contact today.