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Residential Oil Tank Cleaning, Sizes, Types, Removal

When you have an oil tank on your property, it’s important to know how to care for it. Residential oil tank cleaning services are vital.

The tank needs to be emptied and cleaned regularly. This helps keep your property safe and prevents damage. Finding the right company for your oil tank maintenance services can make a huge difference in the environmental safety and structural integrity of your home.

Here are a few things you need to know to keep your oil tank functioning at its best.

Residential Oil Tank Cleaning What To Know

Sizing the Oil Tanks

If you don’t have much experience with oil furnaces, you may not know which size tank is right for your home. If you already have a tank in your home, it’s important to have it sized. When you have this information, you’ll know the tank’s consumption rate. The size of the tank also indicates how reliable the current oil supply is.

If you’ve had oil tank installation issues in the past, the oil tank emptying service can be a challenge. This is largely because tank size is usually addressed before the tank’s supply needs. If a tank is too small and not getting enough oil, the furnace could start running dry. This damages the tank’s equipment. A dry furnace could also stop the furnace from working well. Your family could be cold during the night, which is especially uncomfortable during fall and winter.

It’s important to ensure that you have a reliable supply contract for your tank. This allows you to use the smallest tank possible for efficiency and to preserve energy. Your tank should also be at least 1/4 full. Talk to your oil tank services professional about the supply contract that will work best for your home.

Types of Oil Tanks

Learning the types of oil tanks available will give you more insight into the oil tank cleaning procedure. The professional team you’re working with should also be able to tell you more about oil tank pump-out service options. The more you know about the size and capabilities of your tank, the more you can sense when there is a problem and get help right away.

Tank issues vary in priority depending on your type of tank. There are steel tanks, indoor tanks, outdoor tanks, and plastic oil tanks, as well as underground tanks. You can also choose between tanks that are single-skin, double-skin or integrally bunded. A bunded tank is one that sits inside another tank, with the outer tank being 10 percent larger than the tank inside.

Tank Removal Costs

On average, tank removal will cost around $2,500. Underground tank removal is more expensive since the tank has to be excavated. Above-ground tanks are cheaper to remove since the process is not as labor-intensive.

It’s also important to note that tanks constructed horizontally are cheaper to remove than vertically constructed tanks. A skilled oil tank service team can remove the tank efficiently. If you’re not comfortable moving the tank out of your basement, you can hire a team to take care of this as well.

For underground tank removal, all pipes and utility lines on your property should be located. These items should be properly cared for so that they don’t mix with the contents in the oil tank. Remember, the tank positioning will determine the cost of the service.

A tank specialist will also check to see if your tank is leaking. If there is a leak, this could be harmful to your property and the environment. The cost of cleaning up the leak depends on how intense the pollution is.

How All American Environmental Can Help With Your Residential Oil Tank Cleaning

All American Environmental has a team of professionals in New Jersey who are here to assist you with all your oil tank needs. Our qualified team will evaluate your property and let you know which tank services are necessary. We offer a fair quote based on your needs and can work quickly to keep you and your family from being inconvenienced. Contact All American Environmental today to schedule a consultation.

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