Removing an Oil Tank from the Basement in NJ

Oil Tanks in the Basement can Pose a Hazard to You

Rusted and old oil tanks can pose a safety and environmental hazard for you. You may also encounter some legal issues if you own a home and have an oil tank that is not adequately taken care of. A malfunctioning oil tank can also be costly since it can be expensive to remove the longer it is on your property. If you have just moved into your home and are not sure if an oil tank is present, it is essential to have an inspection. If there is an oil tank in the basement and you are not using the tank, you should remove it right away.

Oil Tanks and Corrosion

Petroleum and petroleum byproducts are often stored in underground oil tanks. Oil tank storage is the safest way to contain petroleum, especially if the tank is steel. However, steel, while it is a robust metal does tend to rust. If the tank has been eroding for years, small holes will develop in the tank and become larger over time. The holes can breach the shell of the oil tank, which means contents from the container will leak onto the soil. Toxic soil can be dangerous for the environment can cause health issues for you and your loved ones. If you grow vegetables or fruit in the contaminated soil, toxic exposure will occur. It is also possible to breathe in the harmful substances in the ground, and pets and children may meet the viruses if the soil gets into their mouths.

It is important to remove oil tank from basement right away so that you and your family avoid exposure to dangerous chemicals for extended periods. Before you can have the oil tank professionally removed, you will have to locate it. Our professional team can determine whether the oil tank is in or underneath the basement. We will check for filler pipes and vents, as well as oil lines that are disconnected and coming from the walls of the foundation. We can also use a metal detector, ground radar, or radio frequency locator to find the oil tank as well.

Once we find the tank, we will mark all the public utility lines on your property. We will work with you to fill out the proper permit applications as well. These forms must be complete before we can take the oil tank off your property. Then, we carefully dig the tank out from the basement space. Since fuel and oil will likely be on the premises, we will clean this up for you safely and efficiently. Then, our team members cut the oil tank, and the sludge in the tank is cleaned and vacuumed by OSHA-certified technicians. We also take the tank piping and shell and dispose of it at a recycling facility.

All American Environmental Is Here to Help

All American Environment is one of the premier oil tank removal companies NJ has to offer. Our company has an experienced staff that can remove oil tanks from your property quickly and efficiently. If you are currently using an oil tank, we will inspect the tank for you to ensure that it is safe and does not have any corrosion. We can also let you know whether your tank is emitting any harmful substances by testing your soil.

Contact All American Environmental, located in Lake Hopatcong, NJ servicing Morris County, Sussex County as well as the surrounding counties. We can answer your oil tank removal NJ questions and take care of all of the work involved in basement oil tank removal. We understand how dangerous an unattended oil tank can be for you and your family, and that is why we work according to New Jersey regulations to keep your property free of toxins like heavy metals and minerals that can affect your well-being.