Heating Oil Tank Gauge

Reading Heating Oil Tank Gauge To Know When It’s Time For A Delivery


Heating oil tanks need refilling from time to time to help the heating system to run at its optimal level. Knowing how to read your heating oil tank gauge is beneficial so you know when it needs to be refilled.


Learning to read a heating oil tank gauge


Your heating oil tank is probably in the basement. If you can’t find it there, then it could be somewhere safe near your house or buried underground. Heating oil tanks range in size from 250 gallons to more than 30,000 gallons. But, the standard residential tank size is 275 gallons, which is large. The larger the tank, the higher the chance it is an underground tank.


Once you have located your tank, look for a clear tube with a red float inside it. You will find it at the top of the tank. Even if your tank is buried underground, you can easily find it. On the outside of the tube, you will find the following marked from top to bottom: F; ¾; ½; and ¼.


It should be obvious to you what these mean. If the float is aligned with F, it means the tank is full. If the float is aligned with ¼, it means the tank is only a quarter full. If the float has fallen to the bottom of the tube or cannot be seen, then it means the tank is empty or nearly empty.


How to calculate the amount of oil in gallons


Sometimes, you may want to know exactly how much heating oil you have in your tank. As mentioned earlier, standard residential heating oil storage tanks have a capacity of 275 gallons. You may have a larger tank. To find out the exact size, look at the tank’s label. If there is no label, then call the contractor that installed it.


Let’s suppose you have a standard oil tank. F means the entire 275 gallons of oil is still in it. Similarly, ¾ means there are 206.25 gallons; ½ means there are 137.50 gallons, and ¼ means 68.75 gallons.


How long does a full tank of heating oil last?


How long a full tank of oil lasts depends on the size of your house and the outside air temperature. The bigger the house, the more oil it burns. The colder the air, the more oil is needed to produce enough heat. If the average outside air temperature over a 24-hour period is 32o F, then a typical 2,500-square-foot house will use about 6.5 gallons in a day. So, if you have a standard oil tank, it will last about 42 days.


When to order a new delivery


You may be on automatic delivery, but if you are not, then the right time to order is when the oil level is between ½ and ¼. Most companies need to be given five days’ notice and may take 10 days to make the delivery. Also, it is a good idea to keep track of heating oil prices, which keep changing every day. You should try to time the delivery when the prices are low.


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