Rain Barrels Save Water, Save Money and Reduce Runoff

The Benefits Of A Rain Barrel

The tradition of collecting natural rainwater is as relevant today as it ever was. Rain barrels, which collect rainwater runoff from roofs, are an ideal choice if you want to save water and can even be useful for preventing water damage to your home.

How Do Rain Barrels Work?

Are you asking yourself, “how do rain barrels work? Modern rain barrels are simple, practical, and can accumulate a significant amount of water. To get the most out of your rain barrel and collect as much water as possible, you can use adapters that divert water from your gutters straight into your barrel.

For a house with 500 square feet of roof space, one inch of rain can yield up to 300 gallons of runoff. That’s 300 gallons less that you have to worry about flooding your foundation, washing pollution into rivers and streams, or overloading municipal stormwater runoff systems.

As a bonus, all of this excess water you collect can be used to water your grass and landscaping as well as cut down your water bill. Having a rain barrel can help you save in the summer months, as 40% of the total water used by most households in the summer is used for lawns and gardens.

Types of Rain Barrels

Many modern and decorative rain barrels are made from post-consumer plastic and include features that make it a breeze to utilize the water it collects. They have attachments you can hook a garden hose up to, just like the spigot on the outside of your home, so you can use it to spray your lawn just like you would normally. Rainwater from your rain barrel is even healthier for your plants, as it doesn’t contain the fluoride and other chemicals found in tap water.

Rain Barrel Cost

A rain barrel usually costs anywhere from $50-$1,000, depending on how many gallons it holds, the design and what material its made from. This is a small price for something that can add value to your home, reduce your water bills, and has a positive environmental impact. With their many benefits and low cost, rain barrels are a smart investment, and can quickly pay for themselves with time.

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