Professional & Affordable Soil Testing Service in Morris County NJ

Soil Testing Service

You may not realize how vital soil testing service is.

A soil test is an essential procedure to determine the health of your soil. If you are growing certain flowers or vegetables in your garden or your children or pets play in the yard often, soil testing could keep your property safe. For residential and highly congested areas, testing the soil can reveal if there are dangerous contaminants that could be dangerous or hazardous to human health. Urban areas often have high lead and hydrocarbon levels in the earth. It is common for soil in urban lands to contain heavy metals that could increase the risk of health issues, especially with children who might consume soil while playing outside.

If you are wondering, “where can I get my soil tested?” and you live in the Morris County NJ area, All American Environmental is here to help. Here are some additional details about the soil evaluation process, as well as information on how you can schedule your consultation and appointment.

How Does Soil Become Contaminated?

The soil is usually polluted in densely populated areas, even if the pollution is not apparent. Soil can be especially contaminated in places with a history of manufacturing or industrial industries. The leading causes of soil toxicity of urban land are the improper disposal of chemicals and waste materials used in construction and manufacturing, as well as the heavy use of herbicides of pesticides. Oil spills from vehicles, large machinery, and tanks can also lead to soil contamination. If there is an abandoned underground tank on a property, oil could be leaking from the tank, which could poison the soil.

Chemicals That Can Make Soil Toxic

In urban environments, toxins in the soil can include residue from fuel and petroleum. Solvents and heavy metals, as well as pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, can make the soil unsafe. Heavy metals can also be present in the ground, such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and lead, and these metals could make it difficult or impossible to grow plants. Of all the heavy metals, lead can be the most hazardous to human health. Lead gasoline and paint were used commonly before the mid-1980s and are one of the main reasons for lead toxicity in urban soil. If the ground in an area is toxic, this can also lead to water and air contamination.

Professional & Affordable Soil Testing Service in Morris County NJ

How Does Soil Toxicity Affect Health?

Humans can be negatively affected by soil poisoning since people are exposed to soil, air, and water regularly. If you grow fruits or vegetables in contaminated soil, the foods will be affected as well, which could lead to health issues. Heavy metals like mercury and lead are absorbed in the roots of the vegetables, which means these metals can enter the human body when humans eat the plants. Extended exposure to the toxins in the soil, water, and air can damage the internal organs and lead to bioaccumulation, and in some cases, cancer. These are some of the reasons it is imperative to have your soil tested for contaminants and to work with a professional who can assist you in improving the condition of your land.

The Soil Testing Process

All American Environmental takes samples of your soil from random spots on your property. The samples are tested for the presence of minerals like calcium, sulfur, nitrogen, and potassium. Soil rich in these nutrients is usually suitable for growing plants and food. Soil undergoes inspection for heavy metals like copper, lead, arsenic, and mercury. If there is more than 50ppm of lead in the ground, it is deemed toxic.

Contact All American Environmental today to set up your soil testing service appointment. We are state-approved and use state-of-the-art equipment and methods to ensure an accurate reading and solutions for soil improvement.

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