Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Morris County

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Morris County 

There are often oil tanks on the property of New Jersey homes, and Morris County is no exception. If you have purchased a home in the county or simply want to ensure that your property is safe, it is necessary to get a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment from a company you can trust. Here is what you can expect from the assessment.

The Walk-Through

Our qualified professionals will evaluate and assess your yard to check for environmental toxins. An abandoned oil tank could be a hazard since the tank is likely to leak oil into the soil. This cannot only contaminate the soil but could affect the plants and flowers that are growing on your property. Toxic gases can also be emitted from the oil. These gases can harm you and your loved ones when you breathe them in.

The oil tank team will also check for stains and spills on your yard, and team members will let you know if asbestos is present. All American Environment is known for performing historical evaluations on residential properties. The team checks on the local, state, and federal levels for environmental concerns. This way any issues can be taken care of right away. The results of Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment will ensure that oil tanks are keeping within the standards established by the ASTMS.

Evaluating Beneath the Surface

It is best to utilize the services of a team that will perform full vertical and horizontal delineations. This is the most accurate way to both calculate and assess the level of contamination in the soil. All American Environmental also does groundwater testing. If you have a well on your property, you can also request that the team monitor your well closures and installations.

Soil Clean-Up and Site Remediation

The NJDEP implemented strict standards for soil remediation in 2008. These standards were put in place for the provision of the Brownfield and Contaminated Site Remediation Act. Under this act, minimum standards for soil remediation were set to override the previous Soil Cleanup Criteria. It is important to note that there are a number of ways that dirt and soil can become contaminated. Leaks from oil tanks, as well as oil spills and the incorrect disposal of oil and other waste, can poison the soil. The professional team at All American Environmental can detect the levels of toxicity present and provide the most affordable disposal options.

Soil Sampling

For accurate property evaluations, All American has a team of professionals who will conduct a subsurface assessment of the area that is closest to the oil tank. To do this, soil samples are extracted and sent to a laboratory that is certified by the state of New Jersey. The soil undergoes a thorough analysis while in the lab. The results are available in no later than four days. All American Environmental then assesses the results to provide you with a comprehensive plan for making your property safer in a timely manner.

There may also be asbestos in the soil or on other parts of the property. All American Environmental will look at soil samples and evaluate the roof structures and false ceilings on your property for asbestos. The team will let you know if asbestos is in an area that could put your family at risk. They will provide viable methods for removal.

All American Environmental has all the services you need to keep your property safe from oil tank contamination. You can contact using our contact form for more information about our Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Morris County as well as all of our other services. The team is also happy to answer questions about the environmental evaluation procedure so you will know exactly what to expect during your appointment. Get in touch with us today to schedule your consultation or oil tank evaluation and removal services. We are located in Lake Hopatcong, NJ in Morris County.