Oil Tank Sweeps in Morris County NJ

Details You Need To Know About Oil Tank Sweeps in Morris County

If you reside in Morris County, there is a good chance you have an oil tank on your property. Special procedures and tools are often necessary to care for these tanks. Oil tank sweeps in Morris County are among the services you may need to keep your oil tank functioning correctly. Here are some additional details about the process, as well as how to find the right company for the job.

Why Is An Oil Tank Sweep Necessary?

You may have an oil tank in your front or back yard that you do not know is there. This is common if you have moved into an older home in New Jersey, and the tank was installed decades ago. Has the oil tank been buried in the yard for several years and not been properly tended to? If so, it is likely corroded. Corrosion could also mean that oil is leaking from the tank. The oil could poison the nearby soil and be a health hazard to you and your family.

An oil tank professional specialist team should come to your home. They will use specialized equipment to detect a tank on your property.  If one is found they will give you insight into the next steps. The oil tank sweep is usually the only way to determine whether there is an abandoned oil tank in your yard.

Signs of a Buried Oil Tank

There are a few signs that are a clear indication that a buried oil tank is on your property. These signs usually let you know that the tank has not been maintained. Number 1, if the soil in your front or backyard is oily in look and consistency. Number 2 if you see the heads of pipes sticking out of the soil. If there are additional lines in your basement that lead outside, this is a sign of an oil tank on the property as well. If your home is heated with natural gas or your house was built in 1975 or earlier, the probability of an oil tank in your yard is high.

Risk Factors Associated With Buried Oil Tanks

There are several risk factors associated with living on the same property as an abandoned oil tank. It can be dangerous to spend years on the property and breathe in the toxins that the oil tank is emitting. Empty oil tanks will collapse due to the weight of sinkholes and soil. This can cause serious accidents that could damage your property and put you and your loved ones in danger.

Getting rid of a buried oil tank can be costly, but keeping the tank could be even more expensive and hazardous. This is why a number of municipalities require that the homeowner remove old oil tanks as soon as possible.

If you recently purchased a home or you are getting ready to do so and the previous owner tells you that there is an abandoned oil tank on-site, be sure to get all necessary paperwork. This includes the paperwork for removal certification. Be sure that the paperwork is documented in all transactions related to the purchase of your new home.

When you are in need of oil tank sweep NJ LIC services, All American Environmental is here to help. Contact us using our contact form to get more information and to schedule your oil tank sweep service. Our team is happy to answer any questions you have. We will also provide helpful information that will help you safely and efficiently prepare for your oil tank sweep. We are licensed to operate in the state of New Jersey and are aware of the legal requirements for oil tank cleaning, so you can be sure that all our procedures are within state guidelines.

Oil Tank Sweeps In Morris County NJ

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