Oil Furnace Life Expectancy

Important To Know About Your Oil Furnace

It’s important to know how long your oil furnace will last. Oil furnaces are one of the most reliable ways to heat your home. This heating method has been around for decades and definitely comes in handy during cold winters. Knowing how long your oil furnace will last can help you stay organized for the winter. You’ll know whether to schedule repairs in the summer or fall, or whether you should purchase a new furnace.

Oil furnace life expectancy depends on the age of the furnace and how well you take care of the furnace. If you get a warranty on the oil furnace, you can expect to have certain parts replaced while the warranty is active. However, like all major appliances, oil furnaces need to be replaced at times. Here is information about oil boiler life expectancy, how to care for the device, and when to call a professional.

How Long Do Oil Furnaces Last?

A furnace lifespan is usually between 15 and 20 years, even though most warranties last for about 10 years. There are also furnaces that last for 25 years. It’s important to have your oil furnace inspected by an HVAC technician every year. This is a great way to have minor repairs done before they become too costly. Annual checkups also let you know if your unit needs to be replaced before it becomes a safety hazard.

There are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind to ensure your oil furnace is in working order. Be sure to check the chimney and see if there is smoke coming from it during the heating season. Black smoke means that the oil is not being burned properly. You’ll need a professional to adjust this for you. You should also check the blower at the beginning of winter and again before the season ends. During mid-winter, clean all the soot from the stack control to prevent buildup. The thermostat should also be clean before every heating session.

Can a Furnace Last 40 Years?

An old oil furnace is one that’s older than 20 years, so a 40-year-old-furnace likely won’t function well. Some homeowners report that their oil furnaces last more than 25 years, but this is largely due to maintenance. The filter of the furnace has to be changed every three months. It’s also important to have an oil furnace that matches the size of your home. If your device is too small, it will be working overtime to heat the entire house. This could cause the furnace to stop working prematurely. If the oil furnace is too large, it will likely use more energy than necessary. If you’re thinking of getting a new oil furnace or want to know if your furnace is the right size, contact a professional.

How All American Environmental Can Help

If you need more information, call the team at All American Environmental. We are a certified company who provides oil tank cleaning, sweep, installation, and removal services. We’ll provide you with maintenance tips so you can keep your oil tank working well in between inspections. Checking on the condition of your tank regularly can extend life and prevent costly repairs to the oil furnace in the future. For more details or to set up a consultation or appointment, contact All American Environmental.