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What NJ Environmental Contractors Services All American Environmental Offers

Taking care of the environment is a team effort, not an individual one. All of us have to do our part. Some companies are significant parts of the effort and do their part, existing purely to help us be more environmentally conscious.

One such company is All American Environmental based in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey. They offer a variety of NJ environmental services.

Here are just a few of the NJ environmental contracting and consulting services offered.

Oil Tank Services; Removal, Installation, Cleaning and Sweeps

Oil is necessary to daily living for most of us, within reason. It is also something we must be careful with.

Some properties have oil tanks buried underground. While there are ways to determine whether there is one present, professional help is needed to definitively find them. This is due to both the dangers of oil as well as it due to more often than not be invisible to the immediate eye.

Most areas suggest immediate removal of buried oil tanks. The risk of oil tanks includes possible pollution, leakage, the creation of sinkholes, and other environmental issues. Luckily, many places offer services to find and remove oil tanks.

Homes that have oil tanks also require strict maintenance. Oil is a very corrosive material and must be kept in tanks. However, these tanks require occasional cleaning. Some also need to be replaced with a new one.

All American Environmental, top-rated NJ environmental contractors and consultants, know how vital it is for an expert to handle any and all oil-related issues.

Any oil tank services, especially removal, are considered a Phase II evaluation.

Soil Services

NJ envioronmental contractors

Soil is important to keep clean and functioning, as many people rely on it for a variety of purposes.

More often than not, it requires testing due to possible pollutants.

The testing is something that for sure must be left to professionals. It involves taking samples and testing whether it is safe to use or if it contains harmful materials such as copper, lead, and mercury, all extremely bad for human health and the environment.

Should any harmful materials be found, remediation is then required. This is an extremely safe process that will remove all pollutants from the soil. Other entities are also involved, such as the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

This testing and remediation are considered to be a Phase I property evaluation, which is surface-level only.

Other NJ Environmental Contracting Services

Oil and soil are by no means the only services that All American Environmental provides for NJ environmental services. They are more than qualified for a variety of services for anyone’s property.

Groundwater Services

Just like for soil, they also have testing for groundwater to determine if pollutants or harmful materials are present. Groundwater is another material that must be checked before use. Much like the process with soil, it also involves taking a sample to test.

Monitoring Wells

The water can also be maintained for any major changes by installing a monitoring well. It is much like any other well, and the installation process is also similar.

Hydraulic Lifts

All American Environmental does not only deal with natural pollutants, they also can handle manmade ones. This includes the removal of hydraulic lifts, which can often contain oil.

Maintaining the Environment Takes Everyone

When we stay environmentally conscious and put in the work to maintain it, everyone benefits. With a variety of problems that can cause issues to our own health and the environment—such as oil, polluted soil, and water—it can be a bit of a daunting task.

Fortunately, many companies, notably All American Environmental, offer a hand to help in NJ environmental services.

Contact All American Environmental, NJ environmental contractors and consultants, for more information about services.