Morris County Oil Tank Removal, What You Need To Know

Oil Tank Removal Morris County, NJ

If you have had an oil tank on your residential property for a few years, it is important to have the tank inspected. There could be old oil in the tank that needs to be removed. Alternatively, the tank may be empty and emitting harmful gases that affect your soil and environment which will result in the need for Morris County oil tank removal services.

All American Environmental provides Morris County oil tank removal NJ residents have come to rely on. Before you start the process, here are some things you should know about oil tank removal.

Oil Tanks and Corrosion

Usually, petroleum products are stored in steel tanks. The tanks are positioned under the ground. Steel is very difficult to penetrate, but it can still rust. Over time, holes can form in the oil tank due to corrosion. The holes increase in size if they are not repaired and start to dig deeper into the tank. The openings to create breaks in the shell of the oil tank, which causes the oil to seep into the soil. This can cause health problems for you and your family and causes environmental pollution.

Oil Tank Corrosion Causes

Corrosion is caused by a chemical reaction that takes place when iron-based metals come in contact with environmental oxygen. This results in rust. Steel can rust pretty quickly depending on a number of variables like steel quality and tank thickness. If there is lots of moisture around the tank, water in the tank or acidic soil surrounding the tank, this makes rust formation more likely to occur.

When there is discharge coming from the tank, it is essential that you have a company inspect the tank and remove the discharge right away.

All American Environmental is NJDEP-trusted. We also have favorable relationships with a number of mortgage and insurance companies. This means you will be connected with reputable names in the business to help keep your home safe. All American Environmental will also assess your property and determine the most cost-effective way to clean up your property and getting a closure from NJDEP.

Finding An Underground Oil Tank

Before the oil can be removed from the soil, the underground oil tank has to be located. Of course, you will know where the oil tank is located if you installed the tank after moving in. However, if the tank was on your property before you moved in, there are several ways to locate the tank.

A professional team will look for filler pipes, oil lines that are coming out of the foundation wall or vents. A metal detector is often used to find the tank and ground-penetrating radars are also effective when it comes to locating the tank.

In-Place Tank Abandonment

Are you trying to sell residential or commercial property in New Jersey? Note, that insurance and mortgage companies often think twice about working with properties that have an abandoned in-place tank. If there is an abandoned tank in your yard that you are not using, you will likely have to pay to get the oil tank removed.

However, some towns do not require the tank to be removed unless the tank is causing structural issues. If the tank has to stay underground, the All American Environmental team will evaluate the soil for you and record the findings. If someone is potentially interested in buying your home, they can take a look at the records to determine whether or not to purchase the home.

If removing an abandoned oil tank, New Jersey law requires an application and issuance of a demolition permit. Hiring a professional like All American Environmental takes care of this for you.

Contact For Morris County Oil Tank Removal Services

Contact All American Environmental if you need to have an oil tank safely removed from your property.
We offer most of the services Morris County, NJ residents need to avoid soil contamination. Our expert oil tank removal could save homeowners a considerable amount of money in the future.

Our company is one of the proven leaders in oil tank removal in Morris County. The tanks can corrode and give off toxins over time, especially when there is no longer any oil in the tank. Give us a call to set up a consultation or an appointment for removal.

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