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Essential Oil Tank Fall Prep For The Winter

Fall is rapidly approaching. The kids are heading back to school. The leaves will soon start to change. Your mind starts to move toward preparing for the holidays and celebrating fall. However, if you live in New Jersey, you also need to prepare your home for winter. That means you will need to get your home heating oil tank prepped for winter as well.

If you’re not sure what you need to do to prep your tank for the winter, here are some suggestions. Better to prepare now for winter than begin winter with a leak in your oil tank and a cold house.

Make Sure You Have a Full Tank

Many people think they have enough home heating oil to begin the winter. They vaguely remember their tanks having oil in them when winter turned to spring this year. However, memories can be faulty. You might begin the season with a frigid house. Instead of waiting until the last minute, go ahead and order some more oil. Check your oil level as well. Don’t wait until the last minute, such as when a winter storm is approaching. If you do, you may have to wait longer. Winter storms can make driving difficult, and lead to delays in service. No one wants that. Also, the earlier you order, the more you can take advantage of prewinter pricing.

You Need to Service Your Boiler

Most people use their boilers less in the summer than in the winter. Boilers that use home heating oil are prone to soot buildup, which is not a good thing. When soot builds up, the boiler is more prone to issues with maintenance and carbon monoxide leaks. Go ahead and have your boiler serviced before winter begins. You will keep your family safe and cut down on repairs.

Check Your Oil Tank

Before you schedule an oil delivery, you may want to check your oil tank for problems. Check your tank for places that have rusted or cracked. You will also need to check for bulges on your tank, and damage to your caps. You can rest a little easier knowing you’ve checked and fixed the problems leading to oil leaks or blocked pipes.

While you’re checking the oil tank, you also need to check for damage to your pipes and your tank base. Because your pipes expand during the summer and contract during the winter, they could develop small cracks. If your tank pipes have cracks, they may not be up to code. This will prevent you from receiving any deliveries. Damaged pipes also make your tank more susceptible to damage. If you find a crack, make sure you repair it before you get a home heating oil delivery.

You also need to double-check the area around your tank and pipes. The yard around your tank may be overgrown with grass or plants. Some weeds might grow over the tank or the pipes and this could restrict your view of any problems. You will need to trim the grass and weeds back.

Get Your Tank Lock Lubricated

Once you have your tank fixed for your home heating oil delivery, make sure you secure it. Home heating oil thefts rise during the winter, so you need to lock your tank. However, you need to guarantee that you have lubricated your lock. Otherwise, you may find out that your lock has seized up during the famous New Jersey cold spells. If you’ve tried to lubricate your lock, and it doesn’t work, get a new one just to be safe.

If you need oil tank fall prep for winter or an oil tank repair, contact All American Environmental.

Home Oil Tank Fall Prep for the Winter

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