Guide: Clean Fill Dirt and Installation

Landscaping is a complex process. It involves in-depth planning, analysis, and inventorying. Each is vital to a successful outcome.

This includes the tools and products you use, like clean, fill dirt. Knowing how to use it and understanding its benefits can go a long way to achieving your project goals.

If you are looking for a clean fill installation, keep reading. This article explains the differences between clean fill and other types of dirt, as well as the advantages of each. It will help you determine which is best for your project.

What Is a Clean Fill Installation?

There are many different types of dirt. If you have ever done any gardening, you understand the difference between rich, fertile soil and dry, sandy soil.

When landscaping, there are two main categories of dirt. One is topsoil, and the other is “fill dirt.” They have different compositions and uses. Some projects benefit from a mixture of the two at varying ratios.

Topsoil is usually sold at garden centers. It takes hundreds of years to form and is rich in organic matter. This makes it ideal for lawns or growing fruits and vegetables.

Fill dirt is subsoil that contains varying levels of partially broken-down rocks, stones, clay, sand, and silt. It is most often used in landscaping projects to change the elevation or shape of a surface.

Clean fill dirt is filled dirt that has been screened to remove large chunks of the materials. This includes rubble, metal, glass, wood, or other types of debris. It also does not contain organic matter or any harmful toxins.

Clean-fill dirt is primarily used in construction projects. These include creating foundations, excavation, land grading, and highway maintenance.

Benefits of Clean Fill Dirt

One significant benefit is that it is much cheaper than topsoil. This dirt is an economical alternative for projects that do not need rich soil for planting.

In addition, it is also very easy to work with. Unlike other types of dirt, it is free of rocks, roots, and other materials that can burden the landscaping process.

And best yet, it is environmentally friendly and poses no public health threats. It is free of fire hazards and will not endanger groundwater sources with contaminants.

Where to Buy 

You can find clean fill dirt almost anywhere. 

Going with a certified clean-fill installation company ensures you get a quality product. It assures you that the dirt is free of any contaminants.

Another advantage is that experienced companies can advise you on the best dirt makeup for your project. This allows you to achieve the soil ratios you need while keeping the cost as low as possible.

Need Site Remediation Services Before Dirt Installation?

Now that you know what to look for in dirt installation, are you looking for a reputable and affordable site remediation company prior to dirt filling? We have you covered. Contact All American Environmental today to learn more about our environmental services.