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Groundwater & Soil Testing, Warren County NJ: All American Environmental

Do you live or own a commercial property in Warren County, NJ? Are you aware that various chemicals can contaminate the soil, such as petroleum products, radon, asbestos, lead, pesticides, copper arsenate, and creosote? Soil pollution is primarily caused due to human activities and industries. However, the same applies to groundwater.

If you have moved into a new home or are purchasing land or commercial property and are concerned about soil quality, it is essential to have the soil tested. In addition, you should have the groundwater tested as well.

Continue to read to learn more about groundwater and soil testing environmental surveys.

Soil Testing

People and the industries they work in perform various activities that create chemical remnants. These chemical components get into the soil and groundwater and resulting in contamination. When contaminated, this poses a health risk to all who share the space.

Have you recently purchased a new home and found that your garden is not flourishing? There can be an excellent reason for this. The soil may be contaminated. In addition, what is growing in the garden will also be contaminated due to the adverse chemicals present. The contaminants can harm your health, from the soil to your plants and vegetables.

All American Environmental is a professional groundwater & soil testing company servicing Warren County, NJ.

Below we outline in brief how soil testing services are performed.

  • Site visit to determine boring locations
  • Advanced soil boring up to a depth of 16 feet
  • Collecting soil samples for detailed analysis
  • Sending select soil samples to a laboratory for analysis
  • Testing soil samples for benzenes, VOCs, heavy metals, and more

As you can see, this service cannot be done by just anyone. It needs a professional, experienced environmental consulting and contracting company like All American Environmental.

Groundwater Testing

Like soil testing, groundwater testing helps determine if the water on your property or in your community is contaminated. Depending on the testing outcome, a filtering system will be installed if contamination is found.

Here we outline the brief procedure for groundwater testing. 

  • Site visit to determine boring locations
  • Groundwater boring wells installed up to a depth of 20 feet
  • Developing and surveying the wells
  • Collecting at least five groundwater samples for testing
  • Writing up a full report of the testing and analysis

When there are unknowns about the soil and groundwater in an area, you must hire a professional company specializing in soil and groundwater testing. For example, real estate developers will have the land surveyed before purchasing.

Find Both Services in Warren County, New Jersey

If you are searching for soil testing or groundwater testing, or both in Warren County, New Jersey, then you need to look no further. All American Environmental has the knowledge, experience and equipment to effectively test groundwater and soil on all properties in Warren County, NJ.

We offer site-specific custom solutions, so you know you will get efficient services based on your unique situation. If you feel like this is something you wish to learn more about, then don’t hesitate to contact us today! We will give you results in the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible.

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