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One may not realize how vital Essex County NJ soil and groundwater testing is.

Contaminants in soil and groundwater have a long-lasting effect on the environment. The damage leaches into everyday life. The problem creates health complications for people who live in the community.

Monitoring the condition of groundwater and soil is important. It allows you to identify and remediate any problems.

Need an Essex County NJ soil and groundwater testing company?

You want someone who understands the location. They should be flexible and provide custom solutions for your situation.

Testing helps you know what to expect and how to respond. This ensures you stay compliant with both state and federal regulatory agencies.

The Importance of Soil Testing

Several things can lead to soil contamination. Improper waste disposal and illegal dumping is a problem. Improper care during and after mineral extraction is another. Accidental spills and leaks from underground storage tanks can also cause contamination.

Proper cleanup requires you to identify the contaminate and remediate the issue.

Why does soil contamination matter?

Nationwide, there are thousands of acres of contaminated land. Everything from inner-city buildings to isolated quarries are in need of cleanup.

There is a better understanding of how dangerous contaminated soil is today. The offender is generally responsible for clean-up.

Dangers of Contaminated Soil

Contaminated soil doesn’t remain in place. It leaches into nearby water sources, contaminating the water supply.

The toxins can become airborne in dry, dusty conditions, spreading the contaminate. People working or playing in contaminated areas can become ill.

The Importance of Groundwater Testing

Contamination can enter ground water in many different ways. Improperly installed septic tanks are an issue in many areas. Run-off from agricultural uses, drainage wells, and injection wells are also culprits.

Soil filters out some contaminants on the way to the aquifer. The further from the aquifer the contamination occurs the better. The soil has more time to filter before the contamination reaches the groundwater.

Groundwater testing detects substances that can be harmful if consumed. Some substances are naturally-occurring. Decaying organic matter, manganese, arsenic, iron, and sulfates can show up naturally. Although natural, they can still make the water unsafe to drink.

More often, contamination comes from man-made sources. Out-flow of septic tanks is a big problem. Nearly one-quarter of Americans have septic systems. Improper design can contaminate the groundwater.

Run-off from fertilizer applications or hazardous waste can also enter the water supply. Releases and spills from chemicals or petroleum in storage tanks are another source.

Dangers of Contaminated Groundwater

Contaminated groundwater creates a health risk when consumed. Groundwater contamination can be so severe the water isn’t suitable for use at all. Residents cannot use it for bathing and washing.

In cases of severe contamination, the water source may be abandoned completely.

Groundwater contamination doesn’t just affect humans. It devastates wildlife and destroys wildlife habitats.

Essex County NJ Groundwater and Soil Testing

Curious about the status of your soil or groundwater? Getting ready to do some construction and need a benchmark?

Have oil tanks that have been in place a while, and need to be removed? You need an expert for that. Soil and groundwater can be affected by oil tanks.

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