Environmental Cleanup and Remediation Services

Environmental Cleanup Definition

Environmental cleanup is the method of removing solid, liquid, and hazardous waste in the soil, groundwater, sediment, or surface water. It is common for companies, businesses, and factories to have to abide by special environmental protection laws or be forced to pay fines and clean up the messes they make. Without environmental cleanup and remediation, the health of humans and wildlife can be negatively affected.

Types of Environmental Remediation

Each type of remediation needed can be treated biologically, chemically, or physically.

  • Biologically – These treatments are used when potent health issues are present but manageable from above the ground. Inoculation materials can be inserted into the material to neutralize biological contaminants. Microorganisms may be introduced to consume the contaminants.
  • Chemically – The treatments used absorb hard metals and hard water contamination. Chemical rain, carbon absorption or ion exchanges can all be utilized.
  • Physically – The pump and treat method requires draining an aquifer, treating it, and pumping the water back in. Air sparging blasts oxygen into the material so the contaminants cling to the oxygen and rise out. Thermal treatment is used to kill bacteria or contaminants that can’t withstand heat. Encapsulation is another method where the contaminated area is quarantined from the rest.


Groundwater remediation – This type of remediation is done by treated water that is found below the Earth’s surface. Large pockets of underground water, called aquifers, can be contaminated by pollutants and hazardous materials that can risk the health and safety of everyone who uses those water sources through wells or pumps. The biggest culprits of groundwater contamination are water runoff from farms, leaking or leeching landfills, and industrial factory spills and accidents. Water can harbor diseases and strains of viruses that can flow easily into other water sources.

Surface water remediation – This is one of the most common environmental remediation needed. The methods of surface water remediation are very similar to groundwater remediation, but it easier to access and treat. The danger comes from the ease of access that people and animals have in relation to exposed surface water and the not-so-obvious issues with contaminants or hazards. Problems are easier to realize and treat.

Sediment remediation – This is one of the tougher remediations to handle because of the varied nature of sediment. It is a mixture of soil, sand, clay, and water. Sediment contamination happens after a prolonged runoff from factories or farms and requires remediation because of the possibility of causing issues with the water and soil it comes into contact will. Sediment and mud act like a sponge between soil and water and can result in contamination both ways if not treated.

Soil remediation – This type of remediation is required when the soil is contaminated. Soil remediation should be assessed and dealt with as soon as possible because of its long-term effects on the surrounding area. Contaminated soil can continue to lack essential nutrients and function for years after contamination is dealt with depending on how long that soil was left untreated. Soil contamination can come from overuse of pesticides, herbicides, pollution, and biological contaminants. To retain the soil’s utility function in properly filtered water that reaches down to aquifers, remediation should be done swiftly.

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