Effects of Groundwater Pollution After Exposure

Health Risks and Effects of Groundwater Pollution After Being Exposed

Are you aware of the grave effects of groundwater pollution after exposure?

There are often toxins like petroleum residue and heavy metals in soil and groundwater on residential properties. These impurities can cause major health risks for you and your loved ones and are damaging to the environment.

Developing and renovating areas that have been contaminated with groundwater can also lead to very expensive repairs after the original construction project is complete. This is why it is best to inspect your soil and groundwater. The inspection results can inform you of the risks and planning processes that are necessary to keep your property in great condition.

Effects of groundwater Pollution and Examples

Groundwater contamination can cause pollution, so several assessments are often conducted on your property.

Soil Assessment

The first step is usually the soil contamination test. This determines the number of heavy metals like mercury or lead is in your soil. The assessment is also used to measure how much petroleum is in the soil. During the test, the size of the soil grains and the water table depth are measured as well. Oil spills are usually the reason that soil becomes contaminated, especially in urban areas.

Oil spills can also cause surface water contamination. Petroleum that comes from oil spills often finds its way into surface water, which makes it unsafe for consumption.

During the assessment, soil samples are taken from various parts of the lawn. The samples are of different depths to see how severe the groundwater contamination is. It is recommended that the sample is at least 5 feet deeper than the water table. If it is suspected that contamination is deeper than this, a sample of at least 10 feet deeper than the deepest contamination point is recommended. The samples are taken to a library for testing.

Soil Remedial Investigation

After the soil investigation, you will know to what degree the groundwater is contaminated. A remedial investigation is the next step. This measures the concentration of toxic ingredients in the groundwater. On some properties, a deep well will be dug on your property. The water from the well is tested to see if the water has been contaminated by petroleum.

Effects of Groundwater Pollution After Exposure

Groundwater Pollution Prevention 

Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent groundwater contamination and pollution. This is one of the leading forms of water pollution in the world, so it is important to take several measures to quickly solve the issue.

Be sure that you always clean up behind your animals when they play in the yard. If your pet passes away, do not bury the animal in your yard. As the body decomposes, the chemical reactions could interact with soil and water to cause contamination.

It is also best to check your septic tank often and maintain it regularly.

Instead of dumping old oil in your yard, recycle it so that the oil will not ruin the soil. It is also a good idea to recycle other materials as well to reduce landfill seepage. Do not drain oil from your car while you are on your property. Leave this to the professionals when you have your car repaired since it is easy for oil to seep into the soil and strip the soil of nutrients.

Contact All American Environmental to ensure that your property is safe for you and your family. Our team will conduct a groundwater investigation and check the condition of your soil. We know that groundwater pollution is a very serious issue. Our professionals are accustomed to dealing with a number of soil and property types, and we use the latest tools and technology for fast, precise work.

If you know or suspect that your property is affected by this, contact us right away to discuss efficient and environmentally safe solutions.