10 Main Types of Pollution

10 Main Types of Pollution

First, “What is pollution?” Pollution is the entrance of toxic or harmful substances into the environment. The ecosystem is significantly disturbed by pollution, and over time, it can affect animals, plants, and people.

There are 10 types of pollution and their causes vary. When you’re aware of the classes of pollution in the world and your environment, you may be able to take precautionary measures to safeguard your community.


  1. Pharmaceutical Pollution

This type is prevalent in the water and is then transferred to medications. Drugs and antibiotics we use regularly often contain estrogen. This can change the bodily functions of men and women and cause tissue damage. This type is also present in drinking water.


  1. Visual Pollution

Visual pollution is caused by watching unpleasant or undesirable situations and inflicting damage on the eyes. For instance, looking at construction sites or advertising boards with very bright lights can lower eye function and cause vision problems later in life.


  1. Agricultural Pollution

This form is seen mostly on farms and occurs when farmers use fertilizers and pesticides with harsh chemicals that affect insects, people, and animals.


  1. Thermal Pollution

Thermal pollution comes from drastic changes in temperature. This can kill or damage animals that live in the water and changes the air quality for humans, animals, and plants.


  1. Soil Pollution

Soil becomes polluted because of the excessive use of manmade pesticides. These are then transferred into or onto the food we eat. With so many homes and business using oil tanks for heat, this can be a large part of soil pollution.  Your property’s oil tank can leak harmful substances into the ground and atmosphere.


  1. Radioactive Pollution

Radioactive pollution is caused by nuclear power plant waste. This gets into the water. Humans and animals then consume traces of this pollution regularly.


  1. Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can cause an interruption in life. Stress and cardiovascular issues can also result, especially if you live and/or work in an environment where there are many loud noises.


  1. Manmade Pollution

This pollution causes severe health problems. When toxins get into the air, it can lead to allergies, asthma and other breathing concerns. Smoking is an example of manmade pollution.


  1. Water Pollution

People dumping trash or factories transferring chemical waste into the water affects the animals and contaminates the water we use.


  1. Air Pollution

This is the most common form of pollution and it occurs every day. It is caused by gas emissions from cars, exhaust from power plants, and smoking. The improper disposal of trash can also put toxins into the air.


By creating new habits, such as eating organic foods, becoming smoke-free and driving cars that don’t produce harmful emissions, you can help combat the sources and effects of environmental pollution.


If you think you have or are causing environmental pollution on your property contact  All American Environmental for more information.

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