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13 tips – How To Keep Air Clean In Your Home

This is a great article providing a lot of information regarding keeping the air you breathe in your home clean and safe. Most of us only think about outside pollution when we think about the air we breathe. The quality of the air we breathe within our very own homes is equally as important and highly contributes to our health. We do not realize that the air in our homes can be 5 times more polluted than the outdoors. This article explains a few things you can do to keep the quality of the air in your home clean and safe. Read more:  https://allamericanenviro.com/13-tips-how-to-keep-air-clean-in-your-home/

LED Lighting – Questions About Safety?

This article takes a closer look at the newest trend in lighting, LED lights. The pros and cons are discussed as well as the cautionary steps that need to be taken when handling. Read more: https://allamericanenviro.com/led-lighting-questions-about-safety/

Groundwater Contamination Poses a Significant Risk to Health

Water from a private property well as well as city water can pose a significant health risk. There can be toxins and chemicals in our drinking water that can cause illness and poisoning. Exposure can result in a long term illness especially in children who drink contaminated water. Their little bodies are not as efficient as adults in filtering out the toxins. However, adults are in no way immune. They can suffer from hepatitis, dysentery, poisoning and more. Learn more: https://allamericanenviro.com/groundwater-contamination-poses-a-significant-risk-to-health/

NJ Well Owners Guide to Water Testing and Treatment

A complete guide to testing your water and treatment if you have a well. Testing will identify contamination issues, protect pipes and appliances from rust and corrosion, keep you from getting sick and more:  Learn more: https://allamericanenviro.com/nj-well-owners-guide-to-water-testing-and-treatment/

Learn About Acidic Soil So Your Acid-Loving Plants Thrive

Great article to help you have a beautiful garden with beautiful plants and flowers. Read about acidic soil and what it does to your plants, what causes it and how to treat it. Learn more: https://allamericanenviro.com/learn-about-acidic-soil-so-your-acid-loving-plants-thrive/

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Keep your family and pets safer in your home. Avoid the harsh chemicals used in many commercial products. Here is a long list of natural eco-friendly kitchen cleaning solutions. Learn more: https://allamericanenviro.com/eco-friendly-kitchen-cleaning-tips/

Simple Fixes To Stop Wasting Energy and Money

By doing a little bit of maintenance and adjusting a few of your habits, you can slash your electric and heating bills, and reduce your environmental footprint. Learn more: https://allamericanenviro.com/simple-fixes-to-stop-wasting-energy-and-money/

The Importance of Testing Your Soil For Lead

You may not be aware that there are many toxic substances such as lead, arsenic, zinc, and mercury in urban areas as well as agricultural land. This article discusses the sources, effects on health and testing.  Learn more: https://allamericanenviro.com/the-importance-of-testing-your-soil-for-lead/

Heat Your Home Without Burning Cash

As the winter months come upon us, many of us do not realize how fast you can be burning cash while heating your home. We crank up the heat and forget about the oil tank or furnace which is supplying the heat to us. Over time corrosion and damage to these heating systems starts to happen. Once it does the problem you are faced with can be quite expensive. This article provides you with information to be aware of that can protect you from an unwanted and costly situation. Read more:  https://allamericanenviro.com/heat-your-home-without-burning-cashheat-your-home-without-burning-cash/

10 How To Save Water At Home Tips

You may not realize it but there are so many simple ways to cut down on your water usage without disrupting your daily life. You will not only be cutting down the cost of a water bill but you will be helping the environment as well. Learn more: https://allamericanenviro.com/10-how-to-save-water-at-home-tips/

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